Internet Online Safety Project



The Case of the Cyber Criminal

Create a PowerPoint that teaches one of the 7 lessons taught on the OnGuard Online website.  Use the following point system to help guide your work.  You only have 2 days to create and prepare for your presentation.

Scoring Rubric
Points Concept
5 Title Slide with graphic and team members names written clearly and correctly
30 Slides clearly conveys ideas using the rule 7 and 7 (no more than 7 words or 7 points on any one slide)
30 Sufficient detail on each slide to help but not distract from the presentation
30 Oral presentation was well rehearsed but student did not just read from the slide but added additional content and story to help the audience understand concepts
5 Bibliography page listed where information and graphics if not from PowerPoint came from.
100 Total Points Available

Game source:

Resources online you can use:


NSTeens Making Safer Online Choices

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