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GREAT News! Your mom and dad have said you can have the money to throw that party you have been planning. All you must do is write a letter to your friends telling them all about the party and directions to your house.

Address your letter to:

Lora Smith (A friends name) 2321 Main Street Washington, DC 20052

Your letter must have 2 paragraphs ¦ with at least 6 total sentences. Start off with telling the person that they (1) are invited to the party. Then tell (2) why you are having the party. Next tell them (3) what will be happening at the party. Tell also (4) what will be at the party. Finally (5) tell the address and time of the party.

You might want to have a theme for the party and tell who will be chaperoning the party.

Letter must include:

1. Letterhead (Your name, address, city, state, zip, graphic, and boarder)

2. Date, Inside address, and Dear Lora

3. Watermark graphic. (This can be a slogan or words)

4. Spell Check!

5. Printout on a laser Printer

6. Sign and Turn into me.

Sample Letter
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