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6th Grade Word Processing... Mini Book 

Background: You are to design a mini book about yourself using ClarisWorks.

Directions:  Open ClarisWorks and go to Drawing.  Then go to Format + Document and change the margins to the following:  Top: 3.70  Bottom: 3.70  Left:  3.10  Right:  3.10
Next, go to Option + Hide the Graphics Grid and Turn off the Auto Grid
Now save this page as HOME, Then Re- Save as FAMILY, SCHOOL, HOBBIES, SPORTS, etc.

Include in your mini book:
Boarder (1 at least) Your own Graphic (1 at least) Watermark (Words or Picture) (1 at least)

1.  Info. for Tile 1: Home

2.  Info. for Tile 2: Family 3.  Info. for Tile 3:  School 4.  Info. for Tile 4: Hobbies 5.  Info. for Tile 5: Sports 6.  Info. for Tile 6: Favorites  7.  Info. for Tile 7:  Goals 8.  Info. for Tile 8:  Future 
Part II:
When you are finished creating ALL 8 tile:

Open ClarisWorks- Word processing
Click on File + Print Setup and choose Landscape
Change the margins by going to Format + Document
TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, & RIGHT should be: .25
Shrink your page to 33% and add 4 columns by clicking on Format + Section
Save this as: minibook

Open your Home file and click inside of your text file to SPELLCHECK.
Continue for all 8 pages: family, school, hobbies, sports, favorites, goals, and future

  • Go to each page and re-save “SAVE AS “each page as a GIF  graphic.  You will see this option under the pulldown menu below your file name.

  • Use of Fonts and Sizes for all information is important. Neatness and spelling will be worth 30 points Completeness and following directions 70 points

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