Select only one of the following videos to watch:

Classroom of the Future

Life in the Future

Arts and Entertainment
Roller Coaster of the Future: 

Shopping and Dining

Select only one of the following videos to watch:

New Way of Dinning

Shopping in the Future

The Chef



Select only one of the following videos to watch:

Transportation of the Future

Testing video

Yike Bike - Future Transportation

New York subway

With traffic being so bad, what innovative ways are cities dealing with the problem and what issues are associated with these new innovations?
Flying Trains of the Future.
Concept Cars


Select only one of the following videos to watch:

Garbage/Recycling for the Future

Water Tunnel Technology

Electricity - Power

Wind Powered Electricity

Power is a problem for our earth, what ways will a smart grid aid the problem of world power?

Wind Farming: Energy Alternative

Health and Safety

Select only one of the following videos to watch:

Health Care of the Future

Are small clinics going to make a substantial difference with the health of our nation why or why not?

Is the idea of robots going to improve healthcare system?


What features of the "Real Time Crime Center" make it valuable but also make it a threat to non criminals

How is London dealing with urban security?  How is it good and bad?

What are the innovative features of a Bionic Vision Mask?

Jobs and Industry

Select only one of the following videos to watch:

For cities to grow creating renewable buildings that are self sustainable are important but what issues will make this hard to incorporate?

Manufacturing in the Future

JOBS: What perks did they mention in this video and should it be required for all companies to offer?

EQ: What innovative culture has Google developed to help their employees be creative and productive in the area of innovation?
Flash Tutorials
  1. Add Animation to your Minibook
  2. Adding Sound to your Flash
  3. Inserting Flash into FrontPage

Spreadsheet Tutorial

Creating the Website for my City?

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III

Sim3000 Tutorials

  1. StarterTown
  2. Intro Video to SimCity 3000

What are some creative ways to write the promotional book?

  1. video link
  2. Finishing up the Minibook

Rotating the Minibook so I can print it correctly

  1. Rotating and Printing the Minibook

Inserting my minibook into my web site

  1. Copy Minibook to Website

The Making of NewYork

  1. Full Movie

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