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Word Processing Assignments -
               How do you create a pollished document that reflects an innovative problem solving city of the future?

Click on the following jobs (assignments) to download or open on your computer or tablet.  The directions are located at the top of each assignment.  If you need further assistance please send me a note - click here.
Job 1- History
Job 2 - Attractions
Job 3- Cities
Job 4-Advanced
Job 5-Drawing Tools
WP - Test
Job 6
Job 7

Sample document:

1. Change the font, and size of the Title to 24 pt and the Font of your choice.
2. The  (C) means to CENTER and () means to indent {tab}.  Erase codes when finished.
3. Bold and underline each answer.
4. Don't forget to erase the directions and do a Spell Check.
5. And add 3 graphics (text wrap all graphics!).

Answers:   * 436 * 1818 * Button Gwinnett * acres * foot * Lawrenceville * Dam * cities * headquarters * tourism

Name:  ___________ 
Exploratory #:  6 - __ - __

(C) Job1: History of Gwinnett

()Gwinnett County was crreated by the state in ____.  It is ____ square miles, and was naamed after ___________, one of Georgia’s three signers of the Declaration of Independence.  A famous name rather than a famoous man, Gwinnett never set _____ in the county that bears his name.

()Elisha Winn secured the site of the county seat by purcchasing 250 _____ of land for $200, which was incorrporate as the city of _______.  By the end of the 1820s, Gwinnett’s poppulation was more than 13,000.

()Gwinnett was swept into the modern era in the 1950s when Buford ____ was built.  The result was the creation of Lake Sidney Lanier in 1957, which fostered a major industry for the state of Georgia – recreational ______.  Two years later, Interstate 85, the county’s main thoroughfare, was completed to Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.

()The 1980s was a decade of enormous growth.  With the advent of Gwinnett Place Mall in 1984, the county shifted from a rural, agricultural economy to a booming metropolis with corporate ________, major manufacturing, high-technology and service industries.  And for much of the ‘80s, Gwinnett held the title of “Fastest Growing County in the U.S.,” which Orange County, Florida (home of Disney World), had previously held.

()Even today, Gwinnett is the eighth fastest growing county in the nation, with a population estimated at 480,000.  Comprised of 15 separate ______ and bordered by seven counties, the 1990s continue to infuse prosperity and growth with the Mall of Georgia, the TPC at Sugarloaf, and unprecedented corporate and residential growth.

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