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Liar Liar: White Lies Cool Running's: Winning at All Costs

EQ: Are "white lies" okay? Why? Why not?

Discuss: With which character do you relate?  Have you told a lie to save someone you know from being hurt by the truth?

Choice: You have promised your parents you won't do drugs, but today your friend asks you to a party where rumor has it that drugs will be there.  Your mom asks you what you did today.  What do you tell her?

EQ: Is it okay to cheat or lie to reach a goal?

Discuss: Are the successful people you know truthful persons?  Are they persons who keep their promises?

Choice: You have just made friends with the most popular kid at school.  He/she asks you for the answers to a geometry quiz.  What do you do?

Shrek: Hiding in Fear Big Fat Liar: Gaining Credibility
EQ: Why are we afraid at times to be truthful?

Discuss: Have you ever had something go wrong because you were afraid to tell the truth?

ChoiceYour best friend is being bullied and threatened at school.  She tells you not to let anyone know or she will never be your friend again.  What is the best way to handle this?  Keep her secret? Wait and see what happens?  Talk to an adult you trust?  Other? What is your choice and why?

EQ: How can you earn the trust of others?

Discuss: How can a person who has a history of lying regain the trust of others?

ChoiceA friend who usually tells the truth tells you a story that is so incredible it is hard to believe.  Another friend, who often lies, tells another version of the story which seems more normal and credible.  Who do you believe?  Why?


Lord of The Rings: Taking the Lead Apollo 13: Teamwork Pays Off
EQ: What inspires people to join others?  Have you ever had to take a risk to accomplish a group goal?

Choices:  Your teammates constantly bicker and are not playing well.  You have recently joined the team and you are its youngest member.  How can you help your team?

EQ: When the going gets tough, how important is trust in the group?

Choices: You are the captain of your team. You need your teammates' support in order to be an effective leader. One of your teammates has a very negative attitude. How do you handle this?

Antz: Doing Your Part Ice Age: When Trust is Gone
EQ: What happens when someone does not fully join in the group's task?

Choices: Your best friend is an outsider. You invite her/him to join a group you belong to. Your friend agrees but only participates halfheartedly. What do you do?

EQ: How do you cooperate with someone who has broken your trust?

Choices: Your sister promised to take you to your all-star soccer competition but she forgot. You missed the game because you had no other ride. Now the tables have turned and she desperately needs you to take her somewhere. What do you do?


Remember the Titans: Getting to Know You Babe: Earning the Right to Lead
EQ: How can you teach people to respect each other?

Choices: You are hanging out with a group of your friends. One of your friends tells a racist joke. What do you do?

EQ: How can a leader gain respect?

Choices: Your friend has been trying to make friends with the popular crowd. He joins them in making fun of the new kid. What do you do?

X-Men: Fitting In Boundin': Self-Respect
EQ: Why do people treat those who are different unkindly?

Choices: You see someone you don't know being bullied by three people who are bigger and stronger than you are. What do you do?

EQ: How important is self-respect? Why?

Choices: A friend of yours develops acne and is embarrassed to be seen at school. How can you help this person?

Good Sportsmanship

Failure is an event not a person!

Chariots of Fire The Legend of Bagger Vance

EQ: Were you ever afraid to try something because you didn't want to fail?

Choices: You have worked very hard to prepare for the most important game of your life... and you lose. What have you learned? Do you still want to play the game? How do you feel towards those who won?

EQ: What would you do if you were in this situation?

Choices: You studied hard for a big test and made a sheet of notes to help you remember. You bring the sheet with you to the test, not knowing it is against the rules. After the test, you find out what you did is wrong. The penalty for breaking the test rules is an automatic "F". You only referred to your notes once. What do you do now? Tell the teacher? Leave things as they are? How will you feel if you don't tell the teacher? Who could you talk to about this?

The Mighty Ducks Parenthood Having FUN

EQ: Have you ever stood up to someone who wanted you to do something that was wrong?

Choices: Even though your team follows the rules, your opponents don't. You have a chance to win the game if you cheat. What do you do?

EQ: Have you ever not had fun because you were so focused on winning?

Choices: You are about to pick sides for a game. A friend of yours who is not very good and never gets picked is in the group from which you are choosing. Do you pick your friend, even if it means your side will probably have less chance of winning?



The Sandlot Sea biscuit

EQ: What do you do to make new kids feel welcome?

Choices: A new student who joins your class grew up in a foreign country. The student speaks with an accent and does not fit in easily. Your friends make fun of the new student. What do you do?

EQ: Why are people's faults easier to notice than their good qualities?

Choices: You are part of a group project to build a model house out of smooth sticks and small sheets of cardboard. One of the group members is smart in many ways, but is clumsy and messy when it comes to building things. How can you help this person become a valued member of the group?

Forrest Gump Charlotte's Web
EQ: Why is it hard to welcome and include others who are different than we are?

Choices: There is a student in your class that no one likes. You know this student is really good at math. None of your friends are good at math and are getting together to study for a big test. Should you invite this student to join in? What will you tell your friends?

EQ: Should kindness be based on what you can get in return?

Choices: A sick friend needs blood in order to get better. It is not a life-or-death situation, but it is needed. You are old enough to give blood, but you are deathly afraid of needles. Will you go ahead and give blood? What if your friend might die without it? What if you were asked to give one of your kidneys in order for your friend to live? What if it were for a total stranger, but you were one of the few people who were a match?



Finding Nemo Bend it Like Beckham

EQ: What do you have trouble staying away from? What do you do to avoid being tempted?

Choices: You find a wallet with over $100 cash in it. Do you return the cash and the wallet to the owner? Do you take the cash and tell the owner you found it empty? Does it make any difference if you are alone or with others? Does it make any difference if you desperately need money? Are you tempted to take the cash? How would you feel if you returned the wallet without the cash? How would you feel if you returned it with the cash?

EQ: If someone called you a derogatory name, what would you do? Why?

Choices: A popular kid confronts you outside school and accuses you of stealing something of his. This is the second time he has accused you something you didn't do, and you wonder if this kid has something against you. You deny stealing anything. Soon you are calling each other names. You feel yourself getting angry. What would be the best way to end this encounter? How many different ways are there to solve this problem?

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Seabiscuit

EQ: How do you behave when you are without parental supervision? Why?

Choices: You are with your friends and they are about to do something that your parents have expressly forbidden you to do. Your friends say that your parents are too strict and that their own parents allow them to do things your parents won't allow. What do you do if you disagree with your friends? What do you do if you disagree with your parents? Who can you trust to discuss this problem with?

EQ: Is it okay to be angry? Why?

Choices:  Your friend is having a temper tantrum.  What do you do?  You are righteously angry.  What is an appropriate way to express your feelings?



Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
EQ: Has your fear ever kept you from doing something?

Choices: You are invited to a party by a person you do not know well, but with whom you would like to become better friends. You know that there will be drinking and no parental supervision at the party. You are afraid to go to an unsupervised party but also anxious about what this person will think of you if you do not go. Even if you go, you are afraid to drink but also afraid of what others will say if you don't drink. In the face of so many different fears, what would you do?

EQ: What enables you to take the first step?

Choices: You've moved to a new school. For the first few weeks no one talks to you. You want desperately to make friends, but you are afraid to do so. What will give you the courage to talk to other students? How could others help you gain the courage to take that first step?

The Wizard of Oz Monsters, Inc.
EQ: Have you ever pretended to be brave when you were actually scared? Why?

Choices: You and a group of friends are about to take the biggest test you have ever taken. You get together to study, but no one is able to concentrate because everyone is distracted by fear of failing the test. Should you:

A: Try to take their minds off their fear by telling them that they really do know the material?

B: Encourage your friends to talk about their fears?

C: Leave the group and study by yourself?

and Why?

EQ: What helps you overcome your fears?

Choices: There is a student in school whose clothes and hair make that student look tough and angry. You and your friends are intimidated by this person. On Saturday you see this student in a park, sitting alone on a bench. Should you go up and start a conversation, or avoid the person. What would help you overcome your nervousness?


The Secret Life of Zoey Shrek
EQ: Would you risk your friendship to keep your friends from doing drugs?

Choices: Are there situations where you would keep a secret for a friend and others where telling the secret would be the best thing a friend could do? Describe these situations.

EQ: What happens when you get into fights with your friends?

Choices: You know that there is a lot of tension and trouble at your friend's home. You also know that your friend has not been getting very good grades. You ask how things are going and your friend simply replies, "Things are fine."  Do you leave your friend alone, or do you press your friend to open up?

Do you go to others and tell them about your concerns for your friend?

How can you best support your friend?  Who could you go to for help and advice?

School of Rock The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
EQ: Do you think what happened here was okay? Why? Why not?

Choices: The coach asks you and a few other players who made the team last year to give input on who should make the team this year. Your best friend wants to be on the team but is not as good as some of the others who are trying out. Should you lie, abstain or be honest with the coach about your friend's abilities? What will you say to your friend?

EQ: How do you earn the support of others?

Choices: You have signed up to participate in a neighborhood cleanup day this weekend. Later, a friend calls and asks you to go to a family picnic where there is no one your friend's age, and your friend doesn't want to be bored and lonely. This picnic is the same day as the cleanup. Does loyalty help you decide which event you should go to? Which is more important: helping your friend or keeping your promise?


The Addams Family Chariots Of Fire

EQ: What helps you persevere? Why?

Choices: You and a friend are working on a project which is more difficult and time consuming than you expected. The night before the project is due, your friend leaves after working on it with you for several hours. Your friend explains that your ability to persevere is greater than hers. Now that you are alone, will you keep working? Are you familiar with the saying, "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins?" How about the country song which warns, "You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em." How will you make your decision?

EQ:  What helps some people persevere despite threatening obstacles?

ChoicesYour friend (who is a strong leader) seems to be comfortable with both success and failure.  Is this an admirable quality?  Why?  Why not?

Parenthood School of Rock

EQ: How does attitude affect your ability to preserve?

Choices: You and your best friend organize and lead a camping trip for some very important people. From the beginning the trip is a disaster. Your friend seems unfazed. You are furious. You think your friend is not realistic. Your friend thinks you are too intense. Should you present the situation to your guests as a problem or an opportunity? What can you do to "adjust" your attitude in difficult situations? Is your attitude likely to have any effect on the outcome of events?

EQ: Do you agree with him? Why? Why not?

Choices You have a friend who is good in a sport, but not extraordinary. Your friend dreams of one day becoming a professional athlete. You know that only a small percentage of people ever make it to the professional level. What would you advise your friend to do:

A. Press on towards the dream?

B. Make an alternate plan as a backup?

C. Give up on the dream?

Knowing Yourself

Independent Thinking: Dead Poets Society

Being Uncommon and Off Balanced or NOT Normal

Power & Responsibility : Teen Wolf

EQ: What is your special walk? Choices Why do we find ourselves conforming to others? How important is it to fit in with the crowd? What do we think of someone who chooses not to participate at all? EQ: How do you control your power?

Choices Why do people sometimes feel ashamed of themselves and their abilities? How do we treat others that are different?

Standing Up for What's Right (to Power): Back to the Future Self-Confident

Who are your Friends: A Walk to Remember

EQ: How could George stand up for himself?

Choices Why is it hard to stand up to others? What holds us back?

EQ: Does it matter what people think about you? Why? Why not?

Choices What does it mean to be self-confident? Whose opinions do matter to you? How many people really know you?

Facing Peer Pressure:

Responsibility for Others: Drum-Line Using Popularity as a Weapon: Sky High

EQ: What is the difference between helpful and harmful peer pressure?

Choices Are we responsible for other's actions? Why or why not?

EQ: How do you know if someone is telling you the truth?

Choices What should you do when you hear something bad about a friend? What does it mean to be really loyal?

Standing Up to a Dare: A Christmas Story Cliques as Bullies: Mean Girls

EQ: Do crowds influence what we say and do? How? Why?

Choices What makes a dare so powerful? What would happen if we said "no" to a dare?

EQ: What are the rules your friends expect you to follow?

Choices What is a clique? How can a clique be harmful? How can cliques control you?

Understanding Bullies

Intervention: Cheaper by the Dozen Communication: Hoot
EQ: When is it better to walk away? When is it not?

Choices Why do bullies say hurtful things or try to pick a fight? What are they afraid of?

EQ: Do you agree with the way he confronted Beatrice? Why? Why not?

Choices What happens when we stand up to a bully? Does trying to talk things out work?

Scapegoating: The Ant Bully Understanding Your Enemies: The War
EQ: Why does Lucas turn on the ants instead of the bully?

Choices Have you ever blamed someone else for something that person did not do? Why? What were you afraid of?

EQ: Will kindness work with bullies?

Choices Why is it so hard to be nice to someone who has been so mean towards you? What happens if we choose to be mean to them?


Character Set 2

What have you learned from this series on Honesty ?

1.  Open Micorsoft Word.
2.  Type your name and title (Leadership Qualities) in the header of the document
3.  The Title must be in Word Art (Change the Font)
4.  In the body of the document, Title the section Honesty
5.  Under the section heading, type 2-4 sentences about honesty in the life of a leader.  What have you learned so far about honesty?
What have you learned from this series on Respect?

1.  Open Micorsoft Word.
2.  Below the sentences you wrote about Honesty, create another subheading: Respect and it must look like Honesty
3.  Under this section heading, type 2-4 sentences about Respect in the life of a leader.  What have you learned so far about Respect?
What have you learned from this series on Cooperation?

1.  Open Micorsoft Word.
2.  Below the sentences you wrote about Respect, create another subheading: Cooperation and it must look like Respect
3.  Under this section heading, type 2-4 sentences about Cooperation in the life of a leader.  What have you learned so far about Cooperation ?
What have you learned from this series onGood Sportsmanship
1.  Open Micorsoft Word.
2.  In a new section titled Good Sportsmanship, type 2-4 sentences about Good Sportsmanshipin the life of a leader.  What have you learned so far about Good Sportsmanship?
Kindness Self-Control
What have you learned from this series onKindness
1.  Open Micorsoft Word.
2.  In a new section titled Kindness, type 2-4 sentences about Kindness in the life of a leader.  What have you learned so far about Kindness as it relates to leadership?
What have you learned from this series Self-Control
1.  Open Micorsoft Word.
2.  In a new section titled Self-Control, type 2-4 sentences about Self-Control in the life of a leader.  What have you learned so far about Self-Control as it relates to leadership?


Standing Up to a Dare: A Christmas Story    
Standing Up for What's Right
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EQ: Do crowds influence what we say and do? How? Why?

Choices What makes a dare so powerful? What would happen if we said "no" to a dare?



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