Make It out alive!

In 5 easy steps!

Step 1:
  • You need a hero and 5 evil villains.
Step 2:
  • Each evil villain needs the following code:
  • in the move 10 steps, vary the number 10.  However only use single digit numbers so it is not too difficult to make it past them.
  • for the wait 2 secs, feel free to make it 3 seconds to make the game easier.

Step 3:
  • Your hero must be able to move. 
  • Feel free to make the move 10 higher to make him move quicker.
Step 4:
  • Your hero must know when an evil villain has touched him.  The wait until touching ... will do this.
  • Turn 1800 degrees is a complete turn around.  The move 120 steps sends the hero back that many steps.
Step 5:
  • The Hero must know when he has reached the other side.

Concepts covered:   Naming sprits, forever, if on edge, bounce, hide, show, wait 2 secs., When sprite clicked, wait until, turn degrees, make variables, change variables, go to x: y: coordinates (Cartesian grid), say ... for 2 secs.

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