Intro to Scratch Google Document: Scratch 101 video web - Intro to Scratch

Scratch Cards 1-12

  1. Change Color - When Space Key Pressed, Change Color Effect by 25
  2. Move to a beat - Move 20 Steps, Play Drums for .5 beats, forever
  3. Key Moves - when up arrow key pressed, point in direction
  4. Say Something -Say hey! I didn't know hippos could fly!
  5. Glide -Glide 1second to x:20 y:80
  6. Follow the Mouse -Point toward mouse pointer, move 3 steps
  7. Dance Twist - Play sound, set whirl effect to 50, wait .25 seconds
  8. Interactive Whirl -Set whirl effect to mouse
  9. Animate It...Dance Party - change costumes
  10. Moving Animation -Switch costumes, wait .3 seconds, move 5 steps
  11. Surprise Button ... About Me - Sprites can be buttons
  12. Keep Score - Set score to 0, turn and pick random -30 to 30 degrees,

Scratch Pre-App Ideas



Web Example

1. About Me Create interactive sprites by just clicking on them. web-About Me
2.  Dance Party Add some music to your app.  Also change their costumes. web- Dance Party
*3.  Arts Wait, Say, Sounds, Pen, Loop, Visibility, Random, Key Pressed none
*4.  Square Circle Bounce your spite off the wall and see it change before your eyes. web- Square Circle
5.  Build a Band Create a band and listen to the wonderful music. web - Build a Band
*6.  Automatic Drawing Have the computer draw on its own. web - Automatic Drawing
*7.  Stories Ask (get input from user), Broadcast, receive (coordinate sprites) none
8.  Conversation Sprites talking using the wait command web - Conversation
*9.  Scenes Use Broadcast and When I receive blocks to tell a story. web - Scenes
*10. Slide Show Create a collection background images accompanied by audio narration. web - Slide Show
*11. Games Learn about Touching, Visibility, Random, Timing, Variables, & Keyboard Control. none
*12. Collide Learn about points while dodging the sprites. web - Collide
*13. Cat Libs Learn how to make a funny "Mad-Lib" game. web - Cat Libs
14. Scrolling (Adv.) Advanced but a GREAT effect for games like Mario. web - Scrolling
15.  Making Shapes   none
16.  Paint App (Beg.) Easy-simple paint app.  Be sure to add your personal touch... maybe some sound? none
17.  Electric Keyboard (Beg.) Easy-simple piano like app.  Design your app to make it more personal. none
18.  Intro Screen (Beg.) Easy-great touch to start of any app. none
19. Click Click Wow (Adv.) Create a variable to show how many times something has been clicked. none
20. Maze (Beg.) Easy-nice way to make a neat maze game really quickly. web - Maze

Maze Add-ons

Score web - Score
Timer web - Timer
Enemies web - Enemies
Levels web - Levels
Rewards web - Rewards

21. Throw Ball + Do a Dance (Beg.)

Make the ball fly across the screen and have the grasshopper bounce randomly around the screen.


22. One Arm Bandt Game (Beg.)

Easy- Fun and easy way to show random


23. Sine & Cosine



24. Bounce



25. Guess the Number



26. Moving around



27. Hit the Cat Game



28. Paint Editor -

cool effect to make new sprites


29. Adding Background-

import new bk.grounds





  1. Scratch Interface - Introduction Card.  Teaches Naming the Sprite.

  2. Motion with Keys - use arrow keys to move the sprite

  3. Rotation Style - 3 ways to control sprite rotation

  4. Motion Animation - Use: - Learn how to control a timer, use of repeat, get new sprites (Easy)

  5. Chase Game- Make the sprite chase one another.

  6. Motion Path - one sprite follows another

  7. Coordinate System- Medium Difficulty - Learn the x y system that the screen uses.

  8. Sensing - Medium (Excellent for learning the sensing variables

  9. Collisions - Medium

  10. Collisions - Broadcast - Advanced

  11. Collisions - Jump to... - Advanced

  12. Variables - Advanced

  13. Counters

  14. Math Operators

  15. Scrolling Games

  16. Arrays

Debug The Program
1. Bug1- lesson   web - Bug1 - example
2. Bug2- lesson   web - Bug2 - example
3. Bug3- lesson   web - Bug3 - example
4. Bug4- lesson   web - Bug4 - example
5. Bug5- lesson   web - Bug5 - example

Gallery of Examples:

Final Part III : Advanced Scratch APPS Ideas Using Video Tutorials

Lesson Plans:
 Beginner Course Only:

Lesson 1: Motion and Sound
Lesson 2: Repeating Actions
Lesson 3: Playing with Color
Lesson 4: Creating Your Own Sprites
Lesson 5: Speaking and Thinking
Lesson 6: Creating Image Effects
Lesson 7: Sounds, Voices and Music
Lesson 8: Creating Animation

 Unit 1
Lesson 1: Move, Turn and Point
Lesson 2: Go and Glide, Changing Positions
Lesson 3: Bouncing, Locating the Sprite
Lesson 4: Changing Costumes
Lesson 5: Speaking, Thinking and Graphic Effects
Lesson 6: Size, Presence and Layers
Unit 2
Lesson 7: Playing Sounds
Lesson 8: Playing Drums
Lesson 9: Playing Instruments
Lesson 10: Pen and Color Control
Lesson 11: Pen Size, Shade, Stamp
Unit 3
Lesson 12: Beginning and Waiting
Lesson 13: Repeating Actions
Lesson 14: Broadcasting
Lesson 15: Conditional Actions
Lesson 16: Stopping
Unit 4
Lesson 17: Mouse and Keyboard Control
Lesson 18: Touching, Over, Distance Reporting
Lesson 19: Using the Timer and Volume
Lesson 20: Variables
Unit 5
Lesson 21: Arithmetic, Random Numbers
Lesson 22: Comparing Numbers
Lesson 23: Logic Operations.
Lesson 24: Extra Operations
Lesson 1: The Joke
Lesson 2: Going to a Party
Lesson 3: Cheetah Animation
Lesson 4: Story Teller
Lesson 5: Taking Picture
Unit 2
Lesson 6: Etch-Sketch
Lesson 7: Drawing Plane
Lesson 8: Colorful Ball
Lesson 9: Lego Kit
Lesson 10: Typewriter
Unit 3
Lesson 11: Pac Man
Lesson 12: Pong
Lesson 13: Bee in a Maze
Lesson 14: Simple Maze
Unit 4
Lesson 15: Kaleidoscope
Lesson 16: Fortune Teller
Lesson 17: Hand Drawing
Lesson 18: A Thousand Arrows
Lesson 19: Linear Patterns
Unit 5
Lesson 20: Math Calculator
Lesson 21: Sierpinski Fractal
Lesson 22: Graphing Equations
Lesson 23: Random Test
Unit 6
Lesson 24: Music Boxes
Lesson 25: Simple Piano
Lesson 26: Rock Band
Lesson 27: Sound Maker
Lesson 28: Music Travel
Lesson 29: Merry Christmas
Unit 7
Lesson 30: Spinner
Lesson 31: Gravity
Lesson 32: Web Design
This is a great set of cards that teach a variety of skills.  Be sure to check out 5 or more of the cards so your game will its best.


  Scratch for Budding CS students

Cool Beat Video using Scratch






Project Timeline


Target dates

Actual dates

Plan (complete planning checklist)



Design (create image files, create sound files, create storyboard for game)



Program (work in Scratch to create game)



Test (functional - test the game and fix any bugs you find; usability - have friends try out game and get feedback about ease of use and playability)



Evaluate (complete evaluation checklist)





Is your game original or a remake of another game?


Is your game creative, different and unique?


Do your background/stage enhance the game?


Do your sprites/costumes enhance the game?


Have you thoroughly tested your game?  Are there any known issues/bugs?


Is the purpose of your game understood by your users?


Is your game user-friendly?  Is it easy to learn, yet challenging enough to engage your users?



Student Projects:

Example Kid Programmers

Watch Thomas Explain how he made it as a programmer

Robert Nay, Bubble Ball APP Designer


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