Assignments for 7th Grade Middle School Business Education & Computer Science Education 
Assignments for 7th Grade Middle School Computer Science Education

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Hi Coders:
You will delve deeper into programming topics introduced in previous lessons this semester that will require flexible solutions to more complex problems. By the end of this course, you will create interactive stories and games that you can share with anyone.

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Answer ONE of the3 questions in 300 words or less:
  1. In what ways has Ignition positively impacted your life? Give an example of how the program has changed your attitude or behavior towards technology, and how this change will help you now and in the future.
  2. What are your dreams for the future (college, travel, volunteering, pursuing your dream job)? How has Ignition helped prepare you to achieve those goals? Be specific.
  3. Tell us about a mistake that you, or someone you know, has made with technology. How would you change your actions based on what you now know through Ignition? - Must type it first for me to review before you submit.
Questions to answer:
Introduce yourself
What is the name of your game?
What is the object of the game?
What did you learn from making the game?
What was your greatest challenge?
What surprised you about your game/and or coding in general?
Do you think coding is something you would want to do as a career?  Why or why not?
Our Zaxby's Winners and their Games (Fall 2015): 
Ben Nichols -

Kristy Tran -
Kate Heffner -
Usman Asif -
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Carter Bailey -
Burlend Smith -
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Lauren Fowler - 
Emma Rhodes - 
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Ruth Windsor - 
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Kavin Shankar - 
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See these WONDERFUL Student Star War Games:
Ellen D.
Ruth W.
Jessica K.
Paul W.
Jordan F.
Burlend S.
Rehal B.
Carter B.

What is the Hour of Code?

Log in using your Google Account [] and learn the language called Python (Click Courses).
 Be sure to add your Name to the Profile so I can give you credit.

7a Class Code (DrawLastFood) :  
7b Class Code (BestBlueSouth):  

Log in using your Google Account [] and create the Java Script Game.  First Lady of Programming:  Introduction to Mrs. Ada Lovelace:  
Use JavaScript to build a simple 2 player 2D top-down game, where players race to collect coins while avoiding obstacles and enemies. This intro to JavaScript has 10 short lessons with 5 tasks in each. In these lessons you'll build a quiz app and learn important coding concepts for building apps and games. In this course you'll learn basic HTML and CSS as you create 2 web pages to add to the Code Avengers Wiki Jr, a version of Wikipedia for children.
  BONUS: Learn about javaScript libraries and create a dynamic slideshow using jQuery.  

"One Week (7 Days)" Zaxby's Challenge: (Day 7 ~ Only 0 day left to work on this project)

Can you design a game in Scratch that others would love to play over and over?
Scratch Grading Rubic [PDF]

Creativity (10 points)

How creative is the animation or game?  Does it include several sounds or just background music?  Does the artwork seem well designed (good color combinations, attractive)?  How engaging is it?  Do you want to watch it again?  Do you want to show it to others? 


__/1 below average art/color, __/2 average art/color/ __/3 great art/color

Good use of sound?

__/1 one sound, __/2 more than 1 sounds


__/1 (modified Scratch sprites or imported pictures)

__/2 (created own sprite(s))

How engaging?

__/1 (want to see it or play it again)

__/2 (want to show it to others)

__/3 (Wow! – blew my socks off)


__/ 10


Originality (10 points)

Is it a completely original, not something taken from TV, books, videogames or movies?


__/ 10 (0 for none, 5 for average, 10 outstanding)


Technical Merit (15 points)

The technical difficulty of this entry. 

Uses broadcast and receive


Uses at least one loop


Uses at least one conditional


Uses at least one variable or timer


Number of scripts

__/1 (for 1-5) __/2 (for 6-10) __/3 (for 11+)

Number of sprites

__/1 (for 1-5) __/2 (for 6-10)__/3 (for 11+)

Changes the background

__/1 (for 0-3 changes) __/2 (4+ changes)





Programming Practices (5 points)

Commented code, scripts are kept small (no more than 5-10 blocks per script), the names of message and variables are meaningful, and there are good project instructions,

Scripts are small

__/ 1

Good names for messages and variables

__/ 1

Good project instructions

__/ 2


__/ 5



Total for each entry___________________________ out of 40 - optional Advanced Only

I left off HERE!
Activity 8: Scrolling Game Cave Surfer
                  Create a scrolling background game like Flappy Birds.

Activity 7: Quest Game (RPG - Role Playing Game)

  1. Create your own RPG game using one of 3 main character sprites.  You select the one you want.

Learn how to broadcast events between sprites.


Activity 6: Launcher Game Challenge

                  Create a game that launches sprites towards a finish line.  For each point a player scores, a new enemy appears!

  • Variable - Math X and Y (storage location holding data)
    • Football game - holds score, speed, etc.
  • Increasing Difficulty is introduced using the Cloning blocks
  • Insert a Sprite and make it smaller to help with difficulty

Be sure to tell me what "Add-ons" you do in the NOTES and CREDITS section after you share your game.

Activity 5: Escape Game -

     Create a game where the player must avoid three enemies that move randomly around the screen.  Make it keep score with a timer.

  • Randomness - Very important feature in most ALL games
    • Monopoly - Dice
    • Sports Games
    • Pokemon
  • Timer - adds challenge to a game
  • Create a NEW Scratch Game and then add 2 sprites and a background

Be sure to tell me what "Add-ons" you do in the NOTES and CREDITS section after you share your game.

Activity 4: Platform Game - Donkey Kong - Be sure to do 3 of the 6 add-ons in video 5.
            Events - Tells when to run the code
            If Statements - what happens when something occurs

           Make a sprite jump from platform to platform using the arrow keys to reach a goal.

  • Remix the game
  • Add 2 sprites


Be sure to tell me what "Add-ons" you do in the NOTES and CREDITS section after you share your game.

Activity 3: Maze Game (Sky, Space, Forest, and Snow ) - 5 videos and 6 add-ons - (Do only 3 of the 6)
            Topic:  If - Then statements
                         Develop a game where the player has to navigate a maze without touching the edges.  And, program a special celebration when a player wins.

If - Then statements mean if something is true then do the following...
Pac-man has lots of if statements

          Tell me in the game Notes & Credits section which add-ons you did so I can look for them and give you credit.

Activity 2: Racing Game (2 Player) - 4 videos and 4 add-ons
           Computer Science Topic: EVENTS
                 Create a 2 player game that lets two players race against each other using the keyboard commands

Events are When users do this then the computer will...
Example:  Mindcraft Game has lots of these events

Split Screen?
Don't forget to do the wrap up and share your project

Don't forget to write in your journal about what have you learned from this series Self-Control
Leadership Quality of the Week: 
EQ: Has your fear ever kept you from doing something?

Choices: You are invited to a party by a person you do not know well, but with whom you would like to become better friends. You know that there will be drinking and no parental supervision at the party. You are afraid to go to an unsupervised party but also anxious about what this person will think of you if you do not go. Even if you go, you are afraid to drink but also afraid of what others will say if you don't drink. In the face of so many different fears, what would you do?

Part 6:  Writing Scripts (small executable commands)
    1. Finish working on your packet: Commands, Commands, & More Commands

    2. Learn the rules of writing procedures (scripts).

    3. To, End and everything in between

    4. Making Geometric Shapes with Buttons

    5. What is a recursive shape look like and why use variables?

Part 5:  Commands, Commands, and More Commands
    1. Continue working on your packet: Commands, Commands, & More Commands

    2. Create a working Drawing APP using PD, CG, SetH, SetC, and CG plus 2 other commands you just learned in the handout above.  You should have buttons for each of the commands above.

Part 4:  Commands, Commands, and More Commands
    1. Open MicroWorlds and click on Free Mode

    2. Take out a pencil and fill in your name at the top of this handout: Commands, Commands, & More Commands

    3. Complete pages 1-2 today and then save your project as Commands when the bell rings.

Part 3:  Matching
    1. Open MW and your Matching Game

    2. Go to page1 and add a button so you can continue to the NEXTPAGE

    3. Add another button that will Scramble all the pieces:
      Everyone[setsh  20 seth  random  360 fd  random   9999  wait  1]

    4. Insert a NEW page and add a transition

    5. Now find pictures off the internet to add to your shapes for the next page

Part 2:  Matching
    1. Open MW and your Matching Game

    2. Go to page1 of your App NOT the startup (landing) page and hatch 1 turtle on the page

    3. Open the backpack for the turtle and click on the rules tab and at the top (Onclick part), type:
      SETSH 1 wait 20  setsh 20

    4. Hatch another turtle and open its backpack and click on the rules tab and at the top, type:
      SETSH 2 wait 20  setsh 20

    5. Continue this process until you have 10 turtles

    6. For this to work shape 20 must be your pattern turtle.

    7. So, what does set - sh mean?  What does wait 20 mean?  Let me know if you would like to guess the answer.


Part 1:  Matching
    1. Open MW and create a new project size 800x600

    2. Name this first page called: STARTUP

    3. Make an Objective or Instructions button using the announce command

    4. Draw a nice background with a game title (using Font, style, and size) **NOTE: freeze bg first if you are going to draw on it. 

    5. Create the credits text box at the bottom of the page with your name, copyright ©2015.

    6. Create a button on this pagepresentationmode  page1 

    7. Add a 2nd page then go to the shapes tab and drag over 10 shapes for your game (see me for instrctions)
Find It - App

[ username MUST be your google email address and password is your 9 digit student# and first and last initial ]
Enter to win $100

    Macromedia Flash....



Created 1998-2015,  Roderick Hames                         Crews Middle School

Star School Newspaper of the Month:

Why is that we need good leaders?  What makes a good leader?  These are just some of the questions that we will address this nine weeks.  It is unquestionable that good leaders are in great demand.  The goal of this class is to identify what those qualities look like and to express them in a realistic and practical way.  We will also look at different careers

 Assignment #1: Build a School Newspaper from scratch

Business and Computer Science - 7th Grade (a few objectives we will pursue): 

  • Distinguish between good and poor leadership-character qualities
  • Building quality keyboarding skills that reflect each student's potential
  • Create innovative solutions for problems faced by immerging great leaders using a variety of digital communication paths
  • Construct a foundation for understanding the fundamental components of all basic computer programming languages -specifically - HTML ( LOGO and/or Scratch both created at MIT
  • Understand the function of basic computer components including system design and software
  • Discover and pursue career choices while understanding the need for both math and science skill sets
  • Create innovative desktop publishing skills designing school newspaper
  • Communicate clear ideas for improving Crews


Leadership character qualities:





Good Sportsmanship





Knowing Yourself

Facing Peer Pressure

Understanding Bullies


Ignition Quiz

Learning Digital Literacy Online

Ignition Quiz

Learning Digital Literacy Online

Module1- Choosing a Computer
Terms to Know:

  1. RAM (Memory) - Increases speed
  2. Hard Drive - Slow but Large storage device
  3. C.P.U. - Brains of the Computer
  4. Open Source - Free
  5. QR Codes - Scan and go
  6. The Cloud- Online/Web 2.0 software

Ignition Quiz

Learning Digital Literacy Online

Module1- Choosing a Computer
Terms to Know:

  1. RAM (Memory) - Increases speed
  2. Hard Drive - Slow but Large storage device
  3. C.P.U. - Brains of the Computer
  4. Open Source - Free
  5. QR Codes - Scan and go
  6. The Cloud- Online/Web 2.0 software

Module1- Choosing a Computer
Terms to Know:

  1. RAM (Memory) - Increases speed
  2. Hard Drive - Slow but Large storage device
  3. C.P.U. - Brains of the Computer
  4. Open Source - Free
  5. QR Codes - Scan and go
  6. The Cloud- Online/Web 2.0 software

Module2-Wireless Communications
Terms to Know:

  1. Phone Plans
    • Location Based Services - $$
    • ICE (In case of Emergency) Contact
    • Roaming Fees
    • Interference/Dead Zone/Weak Signal
  2. How a Cell Phone Works
    • Cell Towers - Ground - Cell Tower
  3. Responsible Texting Practices
    • Distracted driving is dangerous
    • No TEXTING and driving
  4. Wireless Communication
    • Sharing Pictures - Going Viral
    • Hitting SEND? SEXTING - Child Porn?

Module3-The Viral World
Terms to Know:

  1. Computer Viruses
    • Encrypted website: https
    • download free software?
    • malware- malicious software
    • spyware- tracks your every move
  2. Identity Theft
    • Limit amount of personal info
    • Change Password often
    • No friend request from people you don't know
  3. Online Profiles
    • Random Usernames
    • Don't Sharing personal info
    • Password with Upper letters, #'s  & Symbols
    • Customize privacy settings
  4. Digital Addiction & Technology Overuse
    • Don't substitute face-to-face communication
    • Cutting back on your time?
E-Class Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it important to compare features of a computer before making a purchase? What are the different features of a computer that people should consider before making their selection?

2. What is cloud computing, and what does it enable us to do?

3. What are some of the ways computers change and evolve over time? What do you predict computers will be like 20 years from now?
E-Class Discussion Questions:

1. Is owning a cell phone a big responsibility? How can people be more responsible with using or paying for their phones?

2. What are the dangers of using a cell phone while driving?
3. What can people do—either as passengers or drivers—to prevent texting while driving?
E-Class Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of risks can come with using technology? How can people reduce those risks, especially when it comes to protecting their privacy and online identities?

2. Is it possible to spend too much time with technology? What signs might indicate that someone is overusing technology?

3. How can people keep their technology use in check?

Module4-Internet Resources & Credibility
Terms to Know:

  1. Credible Online Sources
    • Who is the author?
    • Spelling Errors, Grammatical Errors
    • Date it was last updated?
    • Domain ".biz", "Com", "Net", "Org" vs. ".gov" and ".edu"
  2. Plagiarism Pitfalls
    • Use Quotes, paraphrase, cite source
    • well know fact or common knowledge
  3. Responsible Technology Use
    • BYOD - only when teacher allows
    • Never Cheat using technology

Module5-Creating Multimedia Products
Terms to Know:

  1. Using Multimedia Effectively & Responsibly
    • WP - Write a paper
    • SS - Analyze Data
    • PPT - Presentation
  2. Blogging Written Posts
    • Find right place, fees, security, storage capacity
    • Templates (display of content)
    • Add links, spell check, emphasize
    • Can add music, video
  3. Copyright & Intellectual property
    • Give you the right to reproduce and make money from your work
    • Ideas and Facts don't count
    • Music and written lyrics are protected once they are written down or recorded
    • Fair-use Exception Law
      • school, news, parody, critic
    • Piracy - Illegally posted media

Module6-Digital Relationships & Respect
Terms to Know:

  1. Cyberbulling Truths and Myths
    • Most teens think this is a BIG problem
    • Can have SERIOUS effects
    • Can have serious consequences
    • Most victims are friends
    • Comes in lots of forms (commonly- text, email) -but can be rumors, excluding you, make videos to hurt the other person.
  2. Pictures posted online can go VIRAL
    • never use technology to make others feel embarrassed or humiliated.
  3. Never respond to a cyberbully with anger or retaliation.
    • Block bully and save evidence
    • Get an adult involved
E-Class Discussion Questions:

1. What does it mean to plagiarize, and what are some ways that people can make sure they are NOT plagiarizing?

2. What are the consequences of plagiarism?

3. How do we use technology in our schoolwork? When does technology use cause a problem in school?
E-Class Discussion Questions:

1. How can technology help people to be creative or to express themselves and their ideas?

2. Why do people need to be careful about what they post or share online?

3. What is the purpose of copyright? What are some examples of copyright infringement?
E-Class Discussion Questions:

1. What is cyberbullying?

2. Is cyberbullying different than regular bullying? How is it different?

3. What should a person do if he or she is cyberbullied? What can you do as a friend if you see someone being cyberbullied?

4. How can people your age help put an end to cyberbullying?

Module7-The Future of Technology & You
Terms to Know:

  1. Technology in the Future
    • It will always be changing!
    • STEM - Sci., Tech., Eng., & Math
    • Look at Careers in teaching, writing, and business person using technology
E-Class Discussion Questions:

1. What are some ways that technology has changed various professions and careers?

2. What is STEM? What are STEM careers, and why are they important?

3. What are some new jobs that have been created by of technology?

4. How can people your age start planning for a career in technology now?
  Inside your computer - Ed.TED video
  50 Ways to Leave your Lecture - STEM Session with Gilda Lions

Typing Web - Certificate Levels

100 Master: 75 - 95 wpm
95  Expert: 63 - 70 wpm
93 Professional: 50-56 wpm
90 Advanced: 38-49 wpm
80 Proficient: 25 -37 wpm
75 Standard: 12 -24 wpm
60 Beginner:     below 12 wpm
Hall of fame:
8b-3-2013- Aya O. 81(wpm) 97%
8b-3-2013- Saif M. 93(wpm) 95%
7a-3-2013- Hamza R. 77(wpm) 94%
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