3 - 1 game
MicroWorlds: I-Spy ... The Web Game!

  1. Go to Microworld and choose FILE + New Project
  2. At the command center type:

  3. newprojectsize [ 600 300 ]
  4. Save this project as “I-Spy
  5. Create a 2nd page and name it: “PLAY
  6. Page1 must include the following

  7. Your name, expl #, and Date
    A creative Game Title (Not I-Spy)
    Picture and/or background ClipArt
  8. Create 2 buttons for page1: (use the Button Tool)

  9. 1st button ... name it “Instructions
    2nd button... name it “Play
  10. Create aText Box on page1 and name it “info” (use eyeball tool or just right click the text box). Make this box rather large so you can fit all the instructions inside this box. Put at the top of the text box the title: “Instructions” then skip a line and begin writing the instructions for playing your “I-Spy” game after you create the game. Make sure you use complete sentences with proper punctuation and formatting.
  11. Flip the page over (CTRL + F) and type the following procedures:

  12. Your Name
    Exploratory# 7 - ___ - ____

    to instructions
    info, showtext wait 40 hidetext

    to reset
    everyone [st]
    setfound [ 0]

  13. Create a transition for both Page1 and PLAY
  14. Go to the “PLAY” page and right click the turtle and type the following:

  15. setfound found + 1 HT
  16. Create 2 buttons for this page:

  17. Name Button 1 ... Reset
    Name Button 2 ... Page1
  18. Create 1 small text box and type the number 0 inside it. (DO NOT put a space after the number!)

  19. The text box MUST be named “FOUND
  20. The most important part of this project is to create 20 shapes that have the following for its instructions: setfound found + 1 HT

  21. please do not make your 20 shapes tiny or behind other shapes.
  22. You must now create a colored-painted background. Remember not to stamp your programmed shapes. Much of your grade (60%) will be based on how well you use the painting tools and the detail you put into your backgound not on how hard it is to find your shapes.

  23. ..................................................


  24. Print both *page1* (see special note) and PLAY page out by going to each page and choosing Print + Page. Flip the page over and also print out your procedures by going to Print + Page.

  25. Staple and turn all 3 sheets into the tray.

    **Special Note:
    Before you print page 1, click on the Instructions
    button and go to the Edit + Stop ALL then print
    the page so I can see your instructions.

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