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GREAT News! You have won the first run-off for City Council President, Mayor, or Governor of your town. You think that you would do a great job of leadership however; you really do not have enough money to continue to run a good race. You have decided to write a letter asking for assistance from the "Elections Fund" organization. To make your request official you must first write the following letter: 

Address your letter to:

Mr. James Smith
Dir. Elections Fund Committee
2321 Main Street
Washington, DC 20052

Mr. Smith requests a letter of your beliefs and policies concerning your local community. There must be at least 3 ideas stated to be considered for the funds. Also, write one paragraph about each policy (2 or more sentences each paragraph).

Don't forget to thank Mr. Smith for his time and consideration. After Printing You must also sign the letter before turning into me. 

Letter must include:

1. Letterhead (Your name, address, city, state, zip, graphic, and boarder)

2. Date, Inside address, Dear Mr. Smith

3. Watermark graphic. (This can be a slogan or words)

4. Spell Check!

5. Print on the laser Printer

6. Sign and Turn into me.

Here is an Example of a letter with Formatting Clues in the right margin:

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