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EQ:  How do I create a dynamic interactive newspaper that communicates current events at Crews?

Background: Crews Middle School does not have a newspaper.  You take the initiative to start one.  Open Microsoft Publisher, change the margin to .5 and select the paper type as legal size paper.  Begin with a good Newspaper name and follow the instructions below.
Directions:  Check out the Newspapers from around the World
1. Create a name for you newspaper.
    Some newspaper ending names are: Times, Journal, Eagle, Chronicle, Constitution, Post, Herald, News, Press, Tribune, etc...
2. At the top (don't go any lower than 2 inches):
    Using Word Art type: Your Newspaper name.  Your newspaper name must be unique and colorful.  Using regular text boxes, type the Editors name (your name), Vol. no. (Connections number), Date, & Cost of newspaper. Use consistent fonts and sizes for all information in the text boxes.
3. Create a border
    Draw a line separating the heading information in number 2.  If you wish you may also make a border for the entire page.
4. Write 4 different articles.  (use this creative site Fodey to generate some cool pictures)

Student Wins an I-Pad3

By:  Sendy Green

1st sentence - topic grab your attention


2-4                 -  supporting details(answer these questions: Who, what, when where, why)


5                     - summarize



5. Each article must have a title and an author. Note: on one of your articles can be a Wordle ( NOTE:  the Wordle will become your word search words.
    Article title font size must be larger than both article and author name. Author name font size must be smaller than article itself.  These size changes will help identify this information better for the reader.

6. One graphic for each article.

    One of

8. Spell Check Be sure to check your document for cropped text.  It is easy when changes have been made and the text box does not grow with the text automatically. 

Filler Idea:

Comic Strip Task One: Using one to the online sites below make a two panel cartoon strip of a technology topic. Your audience is looking for information from the comic strip:

- Make Belief Comics - This is my favorite.





- Stripcreator - lots of options on this one.

- Patent Place - Nice feel and style.

- Read Write Think - Nice drawing style in this one.

- Strip Generator - Very interesting style used in this one.

- Story Creator 2 - For the longer story.

- Toondoo - Flash based and if you sign up you can embed the strips into your blog. (This one is for older students - make sure you read the 'terms of service' and check with your parents before signing up).


Click Here to see an example!

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