3 - 1 game
Creating Great Spirographs


  1. Go to Microworld and choose FILE + New Project 
  2. At the command center type:

  3. newprojectsize [ 600 300 ]
  4. Save this project as “Game1
  5. Page1 must include the following

  6. Your name, expl #, and Date
    A creative Game Title (Not Spirograph)
    Picture and/or background art
  7. Create 2 buttons for page1: (use the Button Tool)

  8. 1st button ... name it “Instructions”
    2nd button... name it “Play
  9. Create aText Box and name it (right click) “dir_text”. Make this box rather large so you can fit all the instructions inside this box. Put at the top of the text box the title: “Instructions” then skip a line and begin writing the instructions for playing your “Spirograph” game after you create the game.
  10. Flip the page over (CTRL + F) and type the following procedures:

  11. Your Name
    Exploratory# 7 - ___ - ____

    to instructions
    dir_text, showtext wait 40 hidetext

  12. Go to the PAGES Menu and choose NEW PAGE
  13. On this new page, go to the PAGES Menu and choose NAME PAGE and name this page “Play
  14. On this page Create a button and name it: Instructions
  15. Flip your page over (CTRL + F) and type the following exactly as shown then double check your work before asking for my help:

  16. (Continued on Back)
    to go
    setc c1 repeat side1 [ fd length1 rt 360 / side1 ] rt angle1
    setc c2 repeat side2 [ fd length2 rt 360 / side2 ] rt angle2
    setc c3 repeat side3 [ fd length3 rt 360 / side3 ] rt angle3
  17. On your Play page create:

  18. button called CG

    button called Stopall

    3 sliders naming them Length1, Length2, & Length3

    9 small text boxes

    3 must be named C1, C2, & C3 ---- In C1 type 105, C2 type 15, and C3 type 9

    3 must be named side1, side2 & side3 --- In side1 type 3, side2 type 4, side3 type 5

    3 must be named angle1, angle2, & angle3 --- In angle1 type 45, angle2 type 72, angle3 197

    **NOTE... It is very important that these text boxes not have spaces after or before any of the numbers.

  19. Right click on your turtle and give him the instruction of “go” and choose Many Times.

  20. Click on the turtle and see him create! Press Stopall and CG then change your variables (Colors, Sides, and angles) to create another really cool designs. Create the best design of all time!

    If you experience any problems first check your procedure by comparing each letter and space with the code on page 1 of this handout and then check to see if spaces are in your text boxes. If you find spaces delete them.

  21. Go back to page1 and type your instructions by click on the instructions button the go to edit and press stopall to make the text box stay on the page to you can type. Use a neat font and color to make it easy to read and nice to look at. Use complete sentences and give instructions as if a 3rd grader will be playing the game.
  22. Finally go to both your pages and create a transition for each page (see Pages + Transitions).
  23. Print out each page by going to each page and Choosing File + Print Page then flip any page over (CTRL + F) and go to File and choose Print Page. Staple and turn into me for your grade.
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