Read this Article before you go any further with your business:
Previous Ideas from 8th graders:
1.    Sports Cards
2.    Selling coconut oil
3.    Selling baked goods
4.    Selling old books
5.    Dog bandanas with reflective tape
6.    Babysitting mixed with soccer training
7.    Babysitting and Themes (Disney)
8.    Sport Training
9.    Cleat Cussion
10.   Tutoring
11.   Organization Service
12.   Reselling and cleaning shoes
13.   Selling Cake Pops
14.   Custom Art Crafted Gift Cards
15.   Landscaping
16.   Toy Car (Hotwheels) Rental Service
17.   Cookies/Sweets
18.   Phone Case Designs
19.   Comics
20.   Jewlery (Rings made from Quarters)
21.   Cup cakes
22.   Phone Case
23.   Personalized Gift Cards
24.   Selling Shoes
25.   Gourmet Popcorn
26.   Vegetable Pancakes
27.   Website Design Service
28.   Monogram Shirts
29.   Youtube Game Channel
30.   Flavored Bubble Gum
31.   Animal Care / Walking/ Grooming/ Pet Sitting
32.   Car Washing
33.   Rake Leaves
34.   Mow Grass
35.   Braid Hair
36.   Cut Hair
37.   Tutor
38.   Trainer (sports, swimming)
39.   Buy and sell used items
40.   Bike Repair
41.   Paint Ball
42.   Clean House
43.   Take Trash Can to Road
44.   Crafts (Bird houses, feeders, 
45.   Plan Birthday parties (Do magic tricks, be a clown, provide games, decorate, blow-up
46.   balloons, make gift bags, or clean up after the party)
Other ideas
47.   Firewood
48.   Fishing Worms
49.   Grow flowers, vegetables, herbs
50.   Put up decorations
51.   Jewelry—Make earrings, necklaces, pins or bracelets.
52.   Mailing service – Put labels and stamps on flyers mailed by a local business or
53.   organization
54.   Office assistance—Make copies, staple papers, inventory supplies, etc.
55.   Painting –Paint or stain decks, fences and outdoor furniture.
56.   Plants—Grow and sell flowers or other garden plants
57.   Plant sitting—Care for the plants of people who are on vacation.
58.   Potpourri – make a sweet-smelling gift for Valentine’s Day or birthday gifts
59.   Recipe books – Collect recipes and publish them in a book.
60.   Singing Telegrams – Write and sing messages for special occasions such as
61.   birthdays, anniversaries and to say get well.
62.   Stuffed toys—Make stuffed toys for babies
63.   Yard and garden work—Pick up trash, rake leaves, trim grass, pull weeds, etc.

Don't Just Start a Business - Solve a Problem -  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/236522

Having problems getting an idea?  Read how to find ideas and test it to see if it is a good idea. 




This is a great list... http://juniorbiz.com/teen-money-making-ideas

Categories Include:

Arts & Crafts

Food Products

Household Products

People Products

       Services Like:

Automobile & Engine Service

Childcare Services

Computer, Photography, & Event Services

Educational Services

Home Exterior Services

Home Cleaning Services

Home Specialty Services


Misc. Services

Personal Services

Pet Services

       Internet Businesses:

Web-based Services


** Great ideas can come from anywhere.  It usually combines your interests and skills to provide someone with a product or service they want.  Remember your idea needs to be practical (something you can do right now - not 10 years from now).  It should be something that you will not lose money but make money at and it should be something that you feel passionate about doing for others.

Here is another list:


  • Soup in jar & recipe *

  • Cookies in a bag *

  • Popcorn

  • Return address labels

  • Stationary

  • Growing plants

  • Holiday balloon/candy *

  • Sports cards/shop

  • Penny candy store

  • General store

  • Used book store

  • Catnip bags

  • Bead lizards

  • Gak

  • Playdough

  • Blank books

  • Bookmarks

  • Pencils/pens

  • Food

  • Shells/rocks

  • Bubbles

  • Magnets/picture puzzles

  • School supplies

  • Plants *

  • Friendship bracelets

  • Journals

  • Sand jar

  • Friendship pins

  • Worry dolls

  • Paper jewelry

  • Origami

  • Bird feeders

  • Gimp & sculpy

  • Coupon books *

  • Books on tape

  • Picture frames

  • Water bottles  

*can be used for fundraising


  • Desk washing

  • Tutoring/computers

  • Post Office

  • Recycling

  • Beauty/nail salon

  • Wall ball/Four Square lessons

  • Clean up

  • Photo business

  • Sandwich board advertising

  • Newspaper

  • Recess rental toys or boxes

  • Stationary in a box rental

  • Rented Nintendo games

  • Homework help (calls to remind)

  • Run errands

  • Help teachers

  • Copier business

  • Die cut letters for teachers

  • Literary magazine

  • Counseling (Dear Abby)

  • Library/office assistants

  • Lunchroom helpers

  • Guided tours

  • Magic shows

  • Entertainment - Dress up as a Clown for parties and Dentist office

  • Christmas - Gift wrapping service



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