EQ: What tool in Flash can you use to make a business website?

Flash Quiz Pages

Flash Quiz1:  Intro to Drawing Tools Pgs. 1-6 Flash Quiz2: Adv. Drawing Tools Pgs. 7-10 Flash Quiz3: Intro. Animation Pgs. 11 - 15  

Flash Quiz - Spring 2015
Flash Video - Tutorial Set
Flash01-Basic Animation No background |local| This video explains how to do basic animation with only 1 layer. It is the best place to start learning about Flash Animation.
Flash02- Adding a background Layer |local| webpage 1 This 5 minute video explain how to have a background and then adding a new layer added to animate a title.
Flash03- Stop Action |local| This 1 minute video explain how to stop the "Loop" feature so the animation only animates once.
Flash04-Ghosting Effect |local| web page 2 This 5 minute video explains how to use the "Alpha" (Ghosting Effect) to add some cool animation to your text.
Flash05- Shape Tween |local| webpage 3 Turn I+Love+Puppies into something really special.  Cool effect!
Flash06- Transfer to Weebly |local| How do I put my Flash Animations into Weebly?  This short 3 minute video takes care of showing you how to do it.
Flash07- Flashlight/Mask Special Effect |local| webpage 4 Have a spot light crisscross your name.  It is a cool easy effect that is a great way to get the attention of your viewer.
Flash08- Handwriting Special Effect |local| webpage 5 Make the computer look like you are writing your name in cursive.
Flash09- Bouncing Ball Effect |local| webpage 6 Have an object bounce across your screen and use the Ease in and Ease out effect to make it look very realistic.  Remeber Ease it - fast Ease out - slow.
Flash10- Distributed Layers Effect |local| webpage 7 Bring a title to life and make each letter its own animation.  In this video you will quickly learn how to do a cool name effect.
Flash11-Guided Layer |local| webpage 8 *Bonus - Not easy but really cool if done right.


Make 3 Webpages in Flash for your website:

  1.  Must have one page with company name and fake address and phone number.  Must also have what product or service you are selling
  2. Another page with a price and description of what you are selling explaining how it is different than anything seen before.
  3. Another page with Advertisement (or coupon) for your product or service.



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