Assignments for 8th Grade Middle School Business Education and Computer Science Education

Coding Enrichment Mini-Course


Assignment #6

Assignment #
Using site :

1.  You are now going to code at least TWO of the following: Mindcraft, Frozen, Starwars, or Flappy code.
       Call me if you have questions. 
Logo tall mc  Logo tall starwars  Logo tall frozen Logo tall flappy

AAssignment #4
Using site :

1.  You are now going to start Course 4 and work through 10 or more puzzles
       Call me if you have questions. 

Assignment #3
Using site :

1.  You are now going to start Course 3 and work through 10 or more puzzles
       Call me if you have questions. 

Assignment #2

1.  Click on the Icon/Image above and log in using your school Google Account.  
2.  Now click the following link to join

      8a class:                         (8b class GO TO #4)

3.  You will now start Course 2 and work through the stages one at a time trying to solve 10 or more puzzles today
       Call me if you have questions. 

4.  8b Class:

Use this link and NOT the one above
To My Future Coders:

There is GREAT power in being able to Code!  You are going to start that journey.  Many of you know and understand how to do a series of steps but the computer does not.  It can only do what it is told to do.  This is why it is so very important to have good coders around when there is a problem to solve.

I congratulate you for taking on this mini-course.  It will start off fairly easy but then get much more challenging as you go further.  To track your progress I will ask you to keep a Google Journal with screen shots and a diary of what you are accomplishing each day during your 10 minutes of coding.  It will not seem like you are getting much done at first but then later you will be amazed at what you can do.  

I want to introduce you to several languages and different site that introduce students just like you to coding.

Each day I will post your assignments on this page.  Check this page each day after you watch the video of the day for your new work and let me know how things are going either in class or via email.

For now, happy coding!

Mr. Hames

Assignment #1

Click on the link below and see how far you can get with Light Bot!  You will need to do a screen capture and then put it in your Google Doc when time is up.  Or if that does not work, simply write down what level you got to.  Add the Title:  Coding and then under the title your name.  Then skip a few lines and Type Today's Date and then under that what level you stopped at.

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