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Dear Parents,

I have some exciting news to share.  Your child has been working extremely hard on their business unit in computer science class and can now publish some of their assignments.  By publishing their work, many students, teachers or virtually anyone with access to the Internet can see and examine your child’s successful progress.

I am asking your permission to publish their work because many of the students have included brief descriptions about themselves (such as their name and school).  Some have even inserted their E-mail address or photograph.  However, we have specifically asked that no phone#, address or other specific personal information be shared.  If you do not mind these pages published on Crews’ web site, please sign this cover letter and initial all enclosed pages.

After I publish your student’s work, I will provide your child with an Internet address (URL) so you or other family members can access their project on the world wide web.  This new technology is exciting and we hope it further enhances your child’s academic experience at Crews.


Roderick Hames
Computer Science Teacher

I ___________________________ give my permission for the enclosed page(s) to be published on the Internet.             (Parent Signature)

*Please initial the enclosed page(s) also.

E-mail: rodhames@crews.org          Internet: www.crews.org/media_tech/compsci/         Phone: 770-982-6957
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