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Scratch Cards 1-15

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  1. Change the Sprite's Colors
  2. Move to a beat
  3. Use the arrow Keys to Move the Sprite
  4. Say Something- See the Sprite's talk
  5. Glide- Use the Glide command to more the Sprites
  6. Follow the Mouse - using the mouse pointer
  7. Dance Twist- Use of the Whirl Effect
  8. Interactive Whirl- Use of the Mouse X tool
  9. Part I: Animate It...Part II: Dance Party - change costumes/play music
  10. Moving Animation- switch costumes / if edge bounce - Rotate or Not - Rotate
  11. Part I: Surprise Button ... Part II: About Me - Sprites can be buttons
  12. Keep Score - Important if you game needs to keep track of points! Example: Score Game!
  13. Adding Background- Add and Alter a background.

  14. Paint Editor - understand how the editing tools in the paint screen work
  15. Fire a Ball & Draw Randomly - How do you fire something off and draw randomly?
  1. You can take the Quiz now
  2. Create a Escape/Dodge/Maze APP

    Directions:  Create or use a sprite that will move around the screen using your arrow keys.  It should "Say" something when clicked on or when it touches another sprite.  There should also be a sprite that when it touches the "End or Finish Point - Sprite" a  Score Variable increases or decreases.

    Your object is to make it from one point of the screen to the other and get points for doing so. Your sprite should also switch consumes when it moves (see card 9 & 10).  You can create a background or not.  Sound is also optional.

    For help refer to the following cards:

  • Card 2 - Move Command
  • Card 3 - Using the Keys
  • Card 4 - Say Command
  • Card 9 & 10 - Animation using Costumes
  • Card 12 - Keep Score


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Scratch Pre-App Part II

Lessons (Save-Online: UserName: 8a312 Password: ***** ... save them as:

  • 13. Square-Your Name - 8b-##

  • 14. Band-Your Name-8b-##

  • 15. Drawing-Your Name-8b-##

  • 16. Paint-Your Name-8b-##

  • 17. Conversation-Your Name-8b-##

13.  Square/Circle Cool Graphic effect Bounce your spite off the wall and see it change before your eyes.
14.  Build a Band - good use of repeat command Create a band and listen to the wonderful music.
15.  Automatic Drawing - use of pen down tool + Random Have the computer draw on its own.
16.  Paint APP. Easy-simple paint app.  Be sure to add your personal touch... maybe some sound?
17.  Conversation - Talking Sprites Sprites talking using the wait command
(optional) 18.  3 Scenes - Synchronized Story Telling Use Broadcast and When I receive blocks to tell a story.
(optional) 19. Slide Show - with use of a microphone Create a collection background images accompanied by audio narration.
(optional) 20.  Cool Intro Screen Easy-great touch to start of any app.
Files to Save Online-see me for a login/password { name the files like so} :

8b-06-Your Name-CollideAPP

*APP1. Collide Game APP. - Dodge Learn about points while dodging the sprites.
*APP2. Maze Game APP. - Chase Easy-nice way to make a neat maze game really quickly. (see maze add-ons below)
*APP3. Cat Libs APP. - Words Learn how to make a funny "Mad-Lib" game.
*APP4.  Keyboard APP.  - Music Easy-simple piano like app.  Design your app to make it more personal.
*APP5. Kill the Cat APP. - Hit to Score Change the cat into another less liked sprite and get rewarded for clicking it.

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Game1: Balloon Game - Counters

Shoot the balloons Game!  Medium to Difficult levels - Understand how counters work.
Game2: Slot Machine APP. - Random A fun way to create a random game. Who says that you have to bet?  Make your game where you don't bet to win.
Game3: i-Touch the Ball - Variables A game that increases with speed and requires good hand to eye coordination.  Make several levels.
Game4:. Fly the Plane - Math Operators Keep the plane on the path and win.  Multiple levels!
Game5: Cars3 - Collision Get points for gassings up.  Make it a challenge.
* optional Challenge Games:
*challenge1: Mario - Scrolling BG Can you really build your own Mario type game?
*challenge2: Maze- Moving Around Design a cool maze game.
Check out these very helpful cards to get you started making your own APPs!
  1. Adam's Maze APP
Collisions - Broadcast    
  Useful Tools for games Wait, Say, Sounds, Pen, Loop, Visibility, Random, Key Pressed none
  Useful Tool for story telling Ask (get input from user), Broadcast, receive (coordinate sprites) none
  Useful Tools for Games Learn about Touching, Visibility, Random, Timing, Variables, & Keyboard Control. none
^Optional. Scrolling (Adv.) Advanced but a GREAT effect for games like Mario. web - Scrolling
^Optional. Click Click Wow (Adv.) Create a variable to show how many times something has been clicked. none
^ Teacher Lead - Making Shapes   none

. Fire a Ball + Do a Dance (Beg.)

Make the ball fly across the screen and have the grasshopper bounce randomly around the screen.



Maze Add-ons

Score web - Score
Timer web - Timer
Enemies web - Enemies
Levels web - Levels
Rewards web - Rewards

Required Info to start your game:  Click Here

Other ideas:

 One Arm Bandt Game (Interm.)

Fun and easy way to show random events.

 Sine & Cosine (Adv.)

Math for the person seeking a challenge.

 Bounce (Adv.)

Cool way to use velocity and acceleration for motion.

 Guess the Number (Adv.)

A cool game but hard to see the instructions.

  1. Scratch Interface - Introduction Card.  Teaches Naming the Sprite.

  2. Motion with Keys - use arrow keys to move the sprite

  3. Rotation Style - 3 ways to control sprite rotation

  4. Motion Animation - Learn how to control a timer, use of repeat, get new sprites (Easy)

  5. Chase Game- Make the sprite chase one another.

  6. Motion Path - one sprite follows another

  7. Coordinate System- Medium Difficulty - Learn the x y system that the screen uses.

  8. Collisions - Jump to... - Advanced

  9. Arrays

  10. Sensing - Medium (Excellent for learning the sensing variables

Example Kid Programmers

Watch Thomas and explain how he made it as a programmer.

Robert Nay, Bubble Ball APP Designer

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