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  1. Type Your Company Name as the Title and your name as the subtitle, ie. Rod Hames, Owner then add your company LOGO/Name or a wonderful photo you find on Google. 
  2. Next page: Who are you?  Example:  Hello, my name is ___ and I love ____ so I have started my own business called ________ (include a picture)
  3. Next page: Describe your business to someone who has NO idea what you do for your customers in ONE or TWO sentences and the benefit of using your product. (include a picture)
  4. Next page: Write 1-2 sentences on how you came up with this company idea (include a picture)
  5. Next page: Who in your family or life helped make who your are for this business?  Is there an inspiration in your life that you would like to give credit to for being there for you?(include a picture)
  6. Next page: Describe your family and how you see yourself in your family and how they have shaped you up until now.(include a picture)
  7. Next page: What are you most passionate about in life?  What are your hobbies and interests?  Are any of these things part of your business?  What are some of your accomplishments in your life?(include a picture)
  8. Next page: Insert a picture of your company's LOGO
  9. Next page: What is your company's tagline?(include a picture)
  10. Last page: What is your company's mission statement?(include a picture)


You will need 10 total pictures!  Mix things up. Do one glideshow, one grid.  Pictures should vary: full screen, some windowed, some full width, some inline.


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