Invention and Brainstorming Thinking Project

Who are some inventors that you know?

Look at objects in the room and everything in the room was invented by someone and most have a patent.

Now, write down 4 of your favorites (i.e.. toy, object in your room, place to go food you eat, color.  Now be very creative and combine them all into a new invention.  What would you name it and explain how you combined your favorites and what the invention does.

Lets now think of problems that need solving.  Lets select one and analyze the problem and brainstorm the many varied and unusual ways of solving the problem.

List all the possibilities no matter how silly the possible solution seems.  Creative thinking MUST have a positive, accepting environment in order to flourish.


1.  Select one or more possible solutions to work on

Improve and refine the ideas

Share the class or individual solutions inventions for solving the class problem.

Note: Solving a "class" problem and creating a "class" invention will help students learn the process and make it easier for them to work on their own invention project.

Now, we understand the invention process, time to find a problem and create an invention to solve it.  Conduct a survey.  Interview others to find out what problems need solving in the area you are interested in starting a business.

Decision Process.  Think which problems would be possible for you to work on by listing pros and cons for each possibility and by attempting to predict the outcome or possible solution(s) for each problem.  Select best problem based on best options for an inventive solution.