Lesson Plans for: Shark Tank Unit

Spoon Lesson – Mrs. Quinlin

Everfi Personal Finance/Food Truck  - begin working on this early in the nine weeks.

TypingClub.com – student assigned to do 5 lesson/day.
Need time to explore many different types of businesses and interests the student have to match something they can do

Book Study: Success for Teens

Take Entrepreneurial quizzes.  Record your score in e-Class Portal as a discussion Thread. Tell if you agree or disagree with the test results.

Trademarks/Patents/Copyrights/ - Students Present what they have read based on their computer #, so student at computer 1 does question 1.  Read question then answer in their own words with no notes. Students are to take notes in Word on what is presented.  Break article into 30-35 questions/sections with key term or concept to be taught as the title that student identifies.

What business will you start?   Start with your top 10-15.  Narrow it down in 3 days to the top 3.  Discuss with parents the one you will explore.

Give Student Entrepreneur booklets- break down book into top 10-15 or 20 questions for a short quiz.
Stock Market 101 –
Read and take quiz over article.
Stock Market Game Competition


Day 1:

·         Write a “business” letter to Mr. Hames about yourself.

·         Pass out Syllabus along with BookStudy: Success for Teens: Using the Slight Edge.

·         Create a Folder on the H:/ Drive to save work into.

·         Be prepared to Print Document and place in an envelope.


·         Start Entrepreneurial Journal/Video Series – Biz Kids and Shark Tank Video.  What are you learning?