Problem Solving Model

Step1: Define the Problem

You certainly can not solve a problem without clearly understanding what the problem is.  You should first write out the problem on paper so it is clear.

Step2: Gather Information

After you have clearly written out the problem, you will need to gather information that would be helpful to know to solve the problem.  Relevant information can be gathered from other people around you more knowledgeable than you.  It can also be gathered from other sources like the Internet.  You might even want to interview people that are in the same industry as you are in to get their opinion.  Many people are more than willing to help out a new entrepreneur.

Step3: Identify Various Solutions

Almost all problems can be solved in a myriad of different ways.  Make a list of all the options no mater how ridiculous some might sound.  This might give you insight into what is the best solution.

Step4: Evaluate Alternatives and Select the best Option

Some solutions are better than others and it might be helpful to do a pros and cons comparison.  It might be also helpful to rank the options before selecting one.  Find a way to quantify the options so you can make a strong decision based on sound research and careful thought.

Step5: Take Action

Once the decision is made, go after it.  Get started and take action on your decision.

Step6: Evaluate the Action

Not ever decision a person makes is going to work out perfectly.  Very few decisions are perfect.  Now is the time to evaluate your decision and see if a change is in order.  If so, the entire process starts over.


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