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2:31 Being Innovative and starting your own business

Good Video

Biz Kids - Episode 4.05 (Snap Caps) First Step - Come up with an idea
Also featured:  Introduction to a business plan
Skip (Pig business segment)
Nice segment on Cost of Unit Zoe - Custom Made Clothing - What is profit?
Popsy Cakes - Reason for a Business plan
1:19 EQ: How do good businesses succeed?


What are some needs and opportunities in your life?

Look for needs and opportunities when thinking of a new business

:  What is a problem you see around you that you would like to solve?
:  If you had to work as a partner with another person, what are some skills you would bring to the partnership?
EQ:  Now that you have seen a cake baking business (product) and a dog walking business (service), can you name 5 different services you could run?
EQ:  What could you teach others that you are good at?
EQ:  What new product or service would be really cool to have?  Can you think of a problem that needs a solution?  What are you willing to fail at in order to succeed?  Do you have a passion for what you are doing?

What is innovation and can you think of an everyday product and make it into something totally different that others would want?
What are some risks you face in a business you would open?2:31 (Teach Tennis Lessons) Why is it to see the advice of a lawyer?
1:08  What is a business plan?    
3:26 - Make jewelry, aprons, Hula Hoops - Craft sell well.
Show this after the Tennis Video.
EQ: What product could you make that you think would sell?
EQ:  How do you determine the cost of your product/service?

EQ: You need a business plan but why?
How is a business plan like playing chess?
2:11 (Art by ... jewelry business)  Have you set some short term goals?  If you have what are they?  If not, make some now using the S.M.A.R.T method.

Delayed gratification:  What is it and what are you willing to work for so you can meet your goals.

2:39 - Mobil Barber Service -

EQ:   What are the 4 p's of marketing?  Give an exam

2:20 (Pink Polka Dots Guild)  Raised $52K)  What is one cause you would like to raise money for or would donate part of your profits towards?