Website Guidelines

Answer the following questions about your customers (in a google Doc)

Directions: Type your name at the top and copy and paste the questions then answer.  Add your website address and then print once your home page is ready for me to grade next week.

  1. What are your customer's frustrations?
  2. What are some challenges your customers face?
  3. What is it that your customers want?
  4. What is it that your customers want to accomplish?


  1. Your customer is the focus of your business (hero of the story)
  2. Every customer has a problem (plot of the story)
  3. You are the solution to that problem (guide in the story)
    1. You will need to show empathy
      1. "I understand your pain"
    2. You need authority
      1. "I know what I am talking about"

You will need to convey that you have it all together and you really like the customer.  You understand their problem and can help the person with the problem.

Your customers are looking for a plan.  Three steps is a great place to start.  Example, 1st contact us, 2nd we will talk and discuss your issue, 3rd, we will find the right solution for you.

Remember:  The best product and/or service do NOT always win in the market place.  They should in a perfect or just world but that is just not the case.  It is the ones that are communicating the clearest that win.  Apple is a good example.  The iPhone my not be the best phone but they do a really good job communicating their product.

You website HomePage must do the following:

  1. Have a very easy to understand statement that communicates what is it that you are offering and how will it make my life better?  Example1:  "We care for your child while you are away so that you never have to worry about their safety.  We also provide tutoring and dance lessons at the same time in the safest and best way."  or
    Example2:  "We help to train young athletes on the fundamentals of the sport of soccer in 3 easy lessons.  By using our service your young adult will be a better athlete and better able to compete with their peers."
    This all must have within 5 seconds of someone visiting your website!
  2. Must have a picture of a happy customer (image) visually showing using your product or service.
  3. Must include your company Name/Logo
  4. Must include your company tagline (slogan)
  5. Must include your company's mission statement


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