Follow these steps to register for the free Stock Market Game. [ Previous Page ]

Step 1:  Go to the following web site:

Step 2:  Register
Scroll down the screen and notice the right portion of the screen.  Proceed to step 3.

Step 3:  Fill in the Registration correctly and submit.

When you see your WELCOME PAGE!  You are registered!
Next Day:
Step 4:  Login using your Login name above and password.  Remember, same day logins will take 10 - 15 minutes for you to be registered with their computers so be patient.
Step 5:  After you get logged in, scroll down about halfway and find on the right side menu the JOIN A BANK link.  Now proceed to Step 6.

Step 6:  Join the Crews 8th Grade Bank
  Click on Join a Bank and scroll through the lists of banks and find the A.C. Crews Middle School 8th Grade.  Then put in the password :  __(See Board)___.   When you have successfully joined the bank you will get a message stating that you have joined.  Only then can you proceed to Step 7.

Step 7:  Know and understand the side menu bar.
The two most important buttons are:  Trade Stock and Portfolio Summary.  Trade Stock is shown below.  The Buy, Stock Symbol and  Number of Shares are filled in to show you how to check the stock price and prepare to purchase stock.  If you press Preview Order button you will see the price and some information about the stock before you actually make your mind up about purchasing.  Proceed to Step 8.

Trade Stock

Step 8:  This is the next screen.  Notice the current price and commission charge.  Also pay close attention to the Est. Total Order.  It is estimated because order tak 20 minutes and the price might vary slightly in that amount of time.  If you wish to buy more than 1 share then push the BACK button and change the quantitly and then resubmit (preview button) your order to buy.

Step 9:  Stock symbol lookup.
  If you don't know the stock symbol for the company you wish to preview then you must click on the "find symbol" button.  You can then type in the company name and the computer will tell you the symbol the stock is traded under.  Try it?  Type in a company name.

Step 10:  This is what you see when you press Portfolio Summary  Notice the Exec. Price (executed price).  This is the price you orginally paid and the change is the difference the price is trading for now.  You paid $63.00 for Coke (KO).  However it is now selling for $69.19 a difference of 6.19 points or $6.19.

Note:  Click on the Help button on your VSE menu bar.   You will find this very helpful if I am unavailable to answer your question.

LAST but not least:  If you have some spare time,  take a look at the Investment Guide.  Some of the articles can be a little complicated.  However, streach your mind and read one or two.  At least read the "What's a bull and a bear? article.

Finally, this learning experience will be a valuable skill for you later in life.  Trust me, one day you will apprciate all you learn.  Have Fun and don't be shy about asking questions!  Mr. Hames

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