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Stock Broker Edu. Basics 101
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1.  IntroStock Mkt. 3:30 min. (Bill Nye)

2. How the NYSE works?

3.  Movie2 16:30 min.

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Interactive Game worth $2 million dollars... Guess the Market w/ Charts?
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elcome to the Crews Stock Market Simulation Handbook where we will learn about business and how stocks are traded on a market every business day and help fund many investment portfolios for millions of Americans.  These businesses come in all different shapes and sizes but commonly fall into three different categories: sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporation.  Using this web site, you will learn how to be your won Stock market fund manager.  Don't worry, all of these terms associated with corporations will be explained later in detail.  Before you start it might be good to understand the reason why stocks are such a great investment for the average citizen who is not wealthy enough to own land, companies, or precious gems and metals as investments.  It also might be good to understand the rules of money like compound interest and the "Rule 72."  You will also need to earn the right to buy and sell stocks.  These web pages and resources are designed to help you earn your own Crews Mutual Fund Manager License (Registration Link) and then in turn apply apply your knowledge to manage $100,000.00.  Training begins with multiple lectures and discussions in class.  We will also watch online videos, read multiple articles, play games, and much more to learn about stocks.  When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge to save, share, secure and spend wisely the money entrusted to you Do your best and the information you learn will most most certainly serve you well for the future.  Mr. Hames.

BTW:  If you don't have an email address, please use the following:  gocrewsms+student#@gmail.com or crews01@mrhames.org

Find Stocks that I am interested in and begin building my portfolio or stock fund
NYSE Video1 Video2 Video3

Students begin with a basic understanding what kinds of things a person can do with money.  To add engagement, we will invite guest speakers to bring their experiences to share with the students. 


Great site for learning about the Stock Market

EQ: Why invest in the stock market

 Biz Kid$ Television Series

EQ:  What do kids have to say about making money?

"Diversification does not work every time or all the time but over time.  It is a great tool to reduce risk!"

Ron Blue

Have you thought of investing in any of these companies?  Time Warner (NYSE: TWX    ) , Nike (NYSE:NKE    ) , Gap (NYSE: GPS    ) , Disney (NYSE: DIS    ) , Ford (NYSE: F    ) , Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO    ) , PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP    ) , Abercrombie & Fitch (NYSE: ANF    ) , Dell (Nasdaq: DELL    ) , AppleComputer (Nasdaq: AAPL    ) , Starbucks (Nasdaq:SBUX    ) , Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT    ) , Mattel (NYSE: MAT    ) , Hasbro (NYSE:HAS    ) , McDonald's (NYSE: MCD    ) , Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT    ) , ExxonMobil(NYSE: XOM    ) , General Electric (NYSE: GE    ) , Soney (NYSE: SNE) and more.

BizKids: So how does a stock market work?



EQ: Why invest my money?

EQ: What is that stock worth?

One great resource that I have used numerous times in the past few years isFinancial Planning Association through the Financial Planning Association.  A certified financial planner will come to your class and weebly logoprovide great information about saving, spending and giving back.

After explaining some basic terms like save, spend, opportunity cost, inflation, and compound interest students are ready to learn about investments.  There are videos, articles, and games to play that reinforce the history and function of the stock market.  A short exam is prepared to see what students learned.

While you are waiting to take the exam you can be working hard to get your business license completed.  You will need to work with your partner to get a business name, motto (slogan), and address.  Once you do this, you can proceed to creating your business card for your company and writing a letter home to your first potential client (your parents).  Once this is complete we will work hard to begin researching company stocks and picking the best stocks.

Our online e-trading system that we will use is called Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE) Learning How do I register for an account  is free and required.  This simulation software will record your ranking once you join our class competition. If you are at home watching this video I will give you a password to join our class competition tomorrow.

Have you spent all your parent's money? 

Time to send home a postcard showing how you have spent the $100,000.00 that your parents have trusted you to invest.  Click here for the video showing how to send this postcard.

Please note that some of the videos, quizzes, and games are fee based and require specific logins.



LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, October 7, 2010: Students at Crews Middle School recently were rewarded each with gift cards from the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant.

Mr. Hames, their teacher at Crews has incorporated a dynamic hands-on learning course where students own and operate their own investment/brokerage company. They write letters to solicit business, create business cards, design websit
es, and eventually play a simulation business game. The students invest with fake money but at real prices. Having their parents as a client makes the game even more real to the students. As they play, they are ranked on who has the highest return on their investment. In the end, Mr. Hames hopes they have learned valuable principles related to saving, investing, and basic entrepreneurship and will eventually apply their entrepreneurial skills to a business they one day create.

Thanks especially to Texas Roadhouse and Mrs. Amy Roper for generously providing the top three investors with a gift card to their restaurant.


Past Winners

Past Sponsors:

Sponsors: Texas Roadhouse, Starbucks Coffee, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, The Avenue at Webb Gin, Ruby Tuesdays, etc.

y now you know that you are taking a 9 week Business simulation course.  What you didn't know is that your venture will end with an investment company that you and your partner will form. 

Students from our past classes are found on this web page.  A list of some our corporate sponsors are also listed.  Winners of our past competitions have worked very harVirtual Stock Exchanged to build a winning portfolio of great stocks that have outstanding value.  I wish you the same success that they received.  Remember that you can ask family member, conduct internet research and/or watch the stock channel for additional help on picking stocks.  You will be given a very limited time throughout the nine weeks to work on your portfolio.  The rest of your time on the stock market can be done from home or after you finish your daily assignments. You can check your stocks before typing each day.  There are questions that we will answer as a class.  The competition you are joining is judged based on your gains.  This means that the person with the most money will win.  I wish you the best.  So you can see your progress, you will be ranked daily by your progress. **Note: That person must end my class with an "A" or "B" to be considered for any prizes!

he prize winners for each nine weeks is determined by overall ranking.  The Virtual Stock Exchange software updates these rankings at night.  I have no way of controlling this part of the software.  If you feel there is a problem with the game competition, please let know and I will email the company.

Using  http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/  can help with your investment decisions.

Click Here for Past Winers of the Game

Stock/ Financial Sites Worth Checking Out:
The Financial Planning Association - The Financial Planning Association (FPA®) is the leadership and advocacy organization representing the financial planning community.

Contact information:

Amira Tart

Director, Pro Bono Services

Financial Planning Association®

Email:  amira.tart@fpanet.org

Web:    www.fpanet.org


http://www.sunamericafunds.com/sun.nsf/kids?OpenForm - The K.I.D.S. program grew out of SunAmerica Mutual Funds' interest in teaching young children the value and importance of saving for the future. One recent study noted that elementary school children's spending power is $15 billion annually, most of which is spent on food, beverages, clothes, toys and games.

http://www.ecb.org/finance/D912Kubeny.html - Financial Literacy: TEACH IT! is a multi-media professional development resource designed around Wisconsin’s new Personal Financial Literacy standards. Twenty one short videos demonstrate effective teaching of each of the seven standards in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Additional resources available include links to lesson plans and online resources for each standard, as well as information for parents and a place for educators to share their experiences teaching financial literacy. 

http://federalreserveeducation.org/ - A great site for educational resources.  Also features some games.

Hoovers:  Delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market information before you buy that company stock.

Smart Money:  Get help with personal-finance issues in the Answer Center, or get investing ideas from Smart Investor.

Google Money:  Financial news from http://www.google.com/finance

Bridge:  Information Special Reports, Market Updates and analysis.

USA-Today:  The newspaper online.

Stock Market Simulation Games:

TD Bank’s Fantasy Stock Market game is your chance to experience the real-life stock market, virtually.

Each player begins with $100,000 of fantasy money to trade on any of the more than 25,000 stocks listed on the New York, NASDAQ, American and other US Stock Exchanges. We’ll keep track of your portfolio and rank you against the other players.

The Virtual Stock Exchange (http://www.virtualstockexchange.cVirtual Stock Exchangeom) web site is only one of several other stock simulation games on the web.  I want you to be aware of others so you can evaluate each based on your own involvement.  The following are other games to consider.

Consider: http://library.thinkquest.org/3096/ StocksQuest

Check here for great kid-friendly investment ideas for both beginner and intermediate investors. Using something as simple as a lemonade stand enterprise, you can learn some basic money and investment terminology. Ever heard of the Rule of 72? Use the Stocks in Cyberspace financial goals calculator and find out how a small amount of money invested now can make you a millionaire!  It was created in 1996 as a ThinkQuest competition.

All Terrain BrainAll Terrain Brain logo

All Terrain Brain (ATB) is a multimedia project designed to get 8-to 12-year-old kids to take their brains “off road” and tap into their entrepreneurial spirits.


Kids Take a Shot at Entrepreneurial Success

Play Hot Shot Business.disney.com This game will let you try your skills out at opening your own business.  Hot Shot Business is an award-winning Internet simulation game that gives millions of boys and girls the chance to run a business in Opportunity City at Disney.com. Developed by the creative team at Disney Online with the entrepreneurship expertise of the Kauffman Foundation, Hot Shot Business blends fun game play with real-world lessons to teach kids entrepreneurial concepts and skills.

During the game, players find money to open businesses like a skateboard factory, pet spa or comic shop. They make adjustments based on market trends, customer preferences and news events to make the businesses succeed and rack up biz points. Hot Shot Business owners are typically between the ages of 9 and 12. Boys and girls play the game over and over, trying to beat their high score. The game’s simulated guides, Kate and Jack, are there along the way to explain the game, and give updates and advice on market conditions, marketing ideas and business strategies.

This is a site that might be helpful to younger students who want to get started with a learning about money, spending, saving and investing.

Other Cool Links:
Investors.Com - See this awesome new site to help those who want to invest for the future.  A great place to visit.

http://www.moneyinstructor.com/ - Great site for educators to help them teach financial literacy.

Other choices: Join my free Stock Contest at HowTheMarketWorks.com!Join my free Stock Contest at HowTheMarketWorks.com!Investopedia

How do I save using compound interest?

How should I invest money?


Stock Glossary:

Four thing you can do with money; What are stocks, Why Buy Low/Sell High?; What is Last Trade?; What does Change mean?; What is Risk Factor?; What does E.P.S. mean?; What is Market Cap?; What is 52 Week Hi?; What is 52 Week Lo?; What are Shares Outstanding?; What does Wall Street have to do with stocks?; What does NYSE stand for?; What is a Bull Market?; What is a Bear Market?; What is the S & P 500?; What is the Dow Industrial Average?; What is Compound Interest?; Why invest in stocks?; Why invest early?;

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