Stock Market - Biz Kids Complete Show 
Includes the following:

EQ: Explain the symbols, numbers, and arrows on a stock ticker? 1:09
Stock Symbols Intro - shown with other video1:58


All 4 videos in first Row are from the link in col. 1 row 1 link.

EQ:  Why would one want to invest early in the stock market and how do you make your money work for you? 

EQ:  What is a good strategy for buying stocks?  Include an explanation of diversification.2:54
EQ: The Stock Market: Explain the stock market in simple terms. EQ: Investing: Explain ways a person can make investments and why should they invest?  
EQ: Investing: Explain one or more facts explained in the video.
EQ: What are stocks, bonds, and commodities?  
John Paul International

EQ: What does it mean to use money to make money?

Shelby started at age 16:  Why is it better to start early when investing?

What are mutual funds and how does that help manage risk?


EQ: Explain the difference between owning a stock and a mutual fund of stocks. 

EQ: What is that stock worth?

Diversification:  why is it important?
1:02 (Risk involved in investing in stocks) 2:49 - Saving and Investing you allowance

EQ: What risks are involved with investing in stocks and why and how can you lower your risk?

1:58 (Excellent video!) on The Power of Compound InterestEQ: What is the key to making compound interest work for you? 1:37... Nice Video.  Talks lots about investing and return on investments.  Mentions 4% return and high return rates would lead to more risk.

EQ: What is a reason why a higher risk would return more money?


EQ: Explain diversification in simple terms. 
  1:56  What is your savings goals.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail.  Good video.

EQ:  Why is planning what to do with your money important?


EQ: What is a company?

The Golden Rule    

use of money