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Reading Stock Quotes

Using the data found in the middle of this web page, answer the following questions:

  1. One share of Coke (KO) cost $61.42, what would 10 shares of KO cost 1a. and one share of Home Depot (HD) cost $31.64, what would 10 shares of HD 1.b at its last trade price (see stock quote below)?

  2. Which company has the largest change in price? 2a.  Is a large change always good? 2b. Why or why not?

  3. What is the (risk factor) 52 week difference for KO (round to the nearest dollar before subtracting... Example $62.15 would be just $62.00 and $45.56 is just $46.00) 3a. and HD 3b. ?     If the difference were huge, what does that say about the stock's risk?


  4. If I owned 1,000 shares of KO, how much dividends would I receive? KO 4a. $How about for HD

  5. How many shares are outstanding for KO and HD written in billions (example:  4,392,000,000 should be written 4.3 B or 4.4 B or just 4 Billion) ? KO 5a. HD 5b. .

  6. What is the Value (Market Cap.) of KO and HD (round off to the nearest whole number...written in Billions... no need to include the decimal numbers)? KO 6a. and HD 6b..  Since market cap is a company's total value, what did they multiply to get this calculation? 6c. (hint: If you know the price of one share and you know how many total shares are outstanding you can calculate Market Cap.  See your class handout we reviewed in class.)

  7. Who (KO or HD) has more EPS (Earnings Per Share)? KO HD   7a. and by how much?7b. Earnings is actually another name for a company's7c. (hint: ... Total Sales - All Expenses =  ______ ) 

  8. Which company is larger based on Market cap?  (KO )  (HD ) and by how much? 

  9. Define outstanding shares (see your handout definitions for the answer)?

  10. Which company pays more in dividends at the end of the year? KOHD  10a.  and by how much? 
    10b. If a company does not make a profit do you think they can make a dividend payment? 10c.  Why do you think this? 10d.

  11. What is the profit for KO (round off to 1 decimal space and write the answer in billions)  Remember profit is EPS (times) Shares Out.)   KO:
    11a. and HD: 11b.

  12. Describe profit in your own words and give the basic formula 

Note:  **Price/Sh.  stands for Price Per Share **Stock symbols are use for convenience and accuracy purposes


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