What do I write?


· Start with the date… written out like:  January 20, 2009  … NOT …  1/20/09


· Next, write out your parents’ name and address.  See example on the back.


· Then, Dear or Hello Mr. and Mrs. Lastname,


· Finally the body of the letter should consist of the following paragraphs:


1st Paragraph:


Introduce yourself and your investment company.  Mention how you got their name and address (for example… maybe from an online survey they completed.


2nd Paragraph:


Explain why your investment knowledge and expertise is reliable and trustworthy (you must not give them the sense that you guarantee profits however.  No one can predict the future profits for a company).


3rd Paragraph:


Notify them they are getting a free financial analysis report complementary from you.  This report with highlight 4 different stocks with each company’s strength.


4th Paragraph:


Conclude with thanking them for their time and requesting they contact you if they have further interest.