Successful Entrepreneurs are:

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You might find it very interesting to see if you have what it takes to own your own business. also has a good one here.

  1. Independent
    • Most like to make their own decisions and not be told way to do.  They are also normally passionate about what they love to do.
  2. Self-Confident
    • They like to be the decision maker and don't mind it.  They have to make all decisions and feel sure they are the best and if they are wrong they need to be able to learn from their mistake and keep going.
  3. They have determination and perseverance
    • When things don't go their way they are not ones to quit.  In fact, they bounce back even stronger.
  4. goal oriented
    • Most set personal goals at an early age.  They know what they want and go after it with determined focus.
  5. have a need to achieve and to set high standards for themselves
    • They set goals and continue to challenge themselves with even if goals are not met.
  6. creative
    • They sometimes think of things not one else can see.  They are out of the box problem solvers.
  7. able to act quickly
    • They are not afraid to act quickly on a decision.  This helps them stay out in front of their competition.
  8. keep up to date with technology
    • They are always on the look out for new technologies that will give them a competitive advantage.



You might find it very interesting to see if you have what it takes to own your own business. also has a good one here.

Characteristics of Good Team Members

We must learn that we don't work alone no matter what business.  There are always others like partners, investors, employees, suppliers, customers, creditors, and others.  We must learn to work together if a business is to survive and thrive.  Here are some qualities to have in a good team member:

  1. Commitment - People should be dedicated to goals that the team has set.
  2. Competency - Each team member needs to have the skills necessary to accomplish the task and if not, should be ready to get the necessary skills.
  3. Communication - Team members should be ready to talk and share ideas with others.
  4. Cooperation - The ability to compromise and know they will not always get their own way in every decision is vital.
  5. Creativity - Thinking outside the box is crucial.  Team members should contribute by suggesting creative ideas to solutions to problems in the business.
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