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Computer Science Articles
Mr. Hames Class
A. C. Crews Middle School

The Internet: What's all the fuss? 
Article Questions
A Computer Virus: What really is it? 
The World of Computers 
Computer Ethics?  Right vs. Wrong Pt I. 
Software (Is it really yours?) Pt II. 
The Computer Daily News:  The History of Computers 
The Computer Chronicles:  A New Generation of Computers. 
How Computers Work  
Sending your answers to me via E-Mail.
Directions:  You must first copy down all your answers on paper before clicking on any of the E-mail providers below.  If you are unable to access any of the providers below or your own E-mail provider then just turn in your answers typed on any word processing software program the next day. 

Log-in Name:  crewstudent
Password:  (Must see me at school to get this password... It will change on a regular basis)
TO: My E-mail address is: rodhames@crews.org
Subject Put your first and last name along with Exploratory #'s .... example: 6-01-22
Message part:  Put the title of the article and number each question.  You may either write in complete sentences or.... you may type the question then the answer.  Put your name, expl. no.  at the top here also.

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