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  Internet Article Questions 
Directions: Answer each of the following questions in your own words using the article "The Internet: What's the fuss?" on the Internet.
  1. What has made the Internet so popular?
  2. What does ISP stand for and give one example?
  3. What does HTML, URL, and HTTP mean?
  4. The speed of the Internet is measured in (bps). What does bps mean?
  5. Why has publishing on the Internet attracted so many people?
  6. E-mail is a big part of the Internet. What does e-mail look like and name one advantage to using e-mail?
  7. How many years ago was it before the Internet got it's start?
  8. What was the main reason it started?
  9. A browser is what?
  10. What are some of the reasons (name 2) for people not connecting to the Internet?

Part II
11. Give an example of a real URL.

12. When text are in a different color on a web site, that is referred to as what?

13. What is a browser and what is the most popular browser today?

14. Name a different browser than the one in question 13.

15. How are computer messages sent across the telephone?

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