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The World of Computers

written by Roderick Hames

Have you used a computer recently? Chances are you have. If you have made a phone call, ridden in a car, watched a TV, played a video game you have used a computer. Even as you read this paper, keep in mind the words you are reading were put into type by a computer.
Here is a list of statements about computers. Decide whether each statement is true or false .

  1. Computers are smarter than humans.
  2. Computers have brains.
  3. Some computers have feelings.
  4. Computers can solve any problems.
  5. You need to know a lot of science and math to use a computer.
If you decided that each statement is false, you are correct. Then what is a computer? What can it do? It is a machine that can handle large amounts of information and work with amazing speed. A computer is built to do these four jobs:

Computers are conformed to follow instructions from humans. They can solve only the problems that people tell them to solve. Since people cannot solve every problem, neither can computers. To tell a computer what to do, you have to know what problem you want to solve and have a plan for solving it.

Since computers can't do anything without instructions from a human, what makes them so special? They can do some things better than humans. Computers calculate faster than humans. They are more accurate than humans. Computer can also store vast amounts of information, and they do not "forget" what they store. These kinds of qualities make computer wonderful tools to help people solve complex problems.

Computers have become important and valuable tools in today's world. Since they affect so many parts of our lives, it is important to be aware of how they are used and how they work.

1. Name two jobs computers are designed to do? _____________________________________________
2. Explain what makes the two jobs listed in question 1 so important? _____________________________________
3. What are two things that computers do that outperforms humans? _______________________________________
4. Why is it important to know about computers? _______________________________________
5. How do computers solve problems? _____________________________________________

Use Brainpop to watch a video on computers or technology and take the quiz at the end.

Finished early?

Enrichment: Create a word find for any 20 computer terms using the following website: http://www.thewordfinder.com/games/wordsearch/fs.wordfinder.php

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