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Why do you want to join the Web Club?

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NOTE: Students and Parents:  Please Print, sign and return this page only (page 2) to Mr. Hames.

Parent and Student Signature Form

Student Name: __________________                Grade:  ____        HR Teacher: _____________
Home Phone:  _______________            Work Phone:  ____________
___________________(student name) has my permission to be at school for the purpose of participating in the Web club for the 1998-1999 school year. 
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Club Goals:  Learn - Create - Enjoy 
Learn about the Internet and realize the value the web presents to all people.  Learn basic and advanced skills for building and publishing HTML pages.
Create web pages that are informative, creative, visually appealing, and promote positive behavior.
Enjoy games, activities, and information presented on the web.

Club Rules:  Download - Games - E-mail - Sites 
You can not download or view anything which is involved with TV shows, movies, or music groups.
You can not play games that are violent or deal with TV show, movies, or music groups.
You can not send or receive personal e-mail on school computers .
Any site deemed sexual, violent, or containing inappropriate language is off limits for viewing, sending, or downloading.
Note:  Any other sites deemed inappropriate by club sponsors are strictly prohibited.

I understand that I am responsible for any information viewed, received and or sent using the computers at Crews.  I also have read and agree to follow the rules list on this page and the Crews' Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 
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