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8th Grade - Assignment#1:  Writing a Business Style Letter using left-bound style.

At the top of a paper start with today's date:

August 7, 2017




Your First Name and Last Name
Street# Street Name Rd., Dr., Ln., Hwy., etc...
City, Ga. Zip


Mr. Roderick Hames
1000 Old Snellville Hwy.
Lawrenceville, GA 30044


Dear Mr. Hames,


Include in your letter to me the following (must write in complete sentences and don't just make a list.  Must be a paragraph.

  1. In the first sentence tell me what NAME you want to go by in class.

  2. PASSION - What do you LOVE to do?  You get energy and feel alive when you do this. 

  3. What are your greatest TALENTS - Things you do really well.  These are SKILLS you do well.  You communicate well, good speaker, think on your feet, analytical thinker, see complex ideas and make them simple.  Maybe you are good at cooking, sing well, sew, math, good at writing, reading, creative and love design.  You may want to also discuss the Opposite.  What are your biggest weaknesses?  These are skills you are NOT good at.

  4. Talk about a few of your CHARACTER TRAITS - hard worker, likes people, caring, giving, honest, consistent, humble, considerate, etc.

  5. What are your VALUES - These are the things that matter most to you: family, friends, deep relationships, justice.

  6. What is one thing I might want to KNOW about you?

  7. What are your HOBBIES or INTERESTS outside of school?  (for example: do you like pets, sports, music, cooking, etc.)

  8. Is there one thing that migh amaze me about you -  WoW Factor ?

  9. Name a person you know who runs their own business that you personally could call or text.  If you don't know them personally, then who is someone famous you would like to meet that owns their own business?

  10. Finally, do you already have a dream you are looking forward to doing in life?



Leave about an inch space (hit Enter 4 times) for your signed signature


Type Your First and Last Name Here
8a-06  (Type YOUR Connection# under your name)


NOTE: When you use your talent to preform your passion where it matters most to you, you are in your sweet spot.  This is where talent and passion intersect.


Twenty Money-Making Ideas for Young Persons!
This interactive activity is one to help you think about how you could easily make some money.




How do I set goals ?


How do I create an envelope? http://screencast.com/t/ol17oiDx

Part II

Are you an entrepreneur?  Click on the following link ENTREPRENEURSHIP Quiz1 and take the quiz and read about your results.  Success.com also has a good one here.  You might find it very interesting to see if you have what it takes to own your own business. A good site also for teens is Entrepreneurs.

Dear Parents,

I am honored to serve as your child's teacher for the next 5 months and I am looking for ways to connect with them. For this reason, I am asking your child to give me a written profile of him/herself, and I’d like to invite you to participate if you would like by writing me a short paragraph about your child. Knowing how each student sees him/herself helps me to better serve his/her needs, and additional insights from you will help me understand more about your child so I can serve them better.

  1. How would you describe your son or daughter as a person? As a thinker or learner? As a student? As a reader and a writer?

  2. Are there certain activities, sports, careers or causes that he or she is passionate about?

  3. Finally, what are their biggest fears and challenges right now? What big events are coming up in the next six months for them?

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information and I will closely guard what is written.  On the same note, please do not share information that is too personal that you would not like me to know. (* I tell this to the students as well)




Roderick Hames
Business Education/Computer Science Teacher
     Business Partner Liaison
          Running & Coding Club Sponsor

Crews Middle School
1000 Old Snellville Hwy
Lawrenceville, GA 30044

Class website: http://MrHames.org
Office: (770) 736-5760

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