Keyboarding and Your Child:
Keys to Success


Learning to keyboard is an important skill. It potentially frees those students whose writing output is slowed by the act of putting pencil to paper. This writing effort may inhibit the student's ability to be creative and to do their best. It is recommended that students begin to learn to keyboard by the second or third grade. Keyboarding is differentiated from other computer skills as follows:

Keyboarding is defined as the correct finger placement on the keyboard and entering words at about the same speed that the child can write using paper and pencil. When students become proficient in keyboarding, they will be able to enter words faster than they can be produced by using paper and pencil.

Word Processing is defined as the use of a specific computer program designed for writing. Keyboarding should ALWAYS precede word processing.

If you are introducing and/or encouraging your child to use a word processor, here are some ideas to consider:

It is recommended that all students learn to keyboard.

For some students it is important that they learn to keyboard early. Consider the following:

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then keyboarding might be a strategy to employ as soon as possible.

Learning to keyboard will take time and effort.

It is important for each child to learn correct finger placement. This needs to be automatic and rapid. Although your child will be exposed to keyboarding at school, the practice time required to learn this skill is greater than the time given to this task in the school setting.

Tips for Teaching Keyboarding At Home

Decide whether your child needs a coach or instructor.

Perhaps you feel keyboarding is best done with a course after school, a qualified instructor, or a coach. This depends on your needs. Consider:

If you choose to pursue teaching keyboarding in the home with you and your child, here are some ideas to consider:

The following is an example of how you might go about structuring goal, motivators and rewards:

Software Suggestions

Ghost Typing, Sierra
Macintosh, Windows (excellent for younger children)

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, The Software Toolworks
Macintosh, Windows

Success With Typing, Scholastic

Typing Tutor 7.0, Davidson
Macintosh, Windows (excellent for beginners and older)

Type to Learn!, Sunburst
DOS, Macintosh

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