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So often parents ask 'What can I do to help my child do better in school?" We all know that taking an active part in your child's education can lead to school success. But sometimes it's hard to know how to become more involved.

Here are some helpful hints compiled by GCPS teachers, to help enhance the parent/student/teacher partnership.

Tips for Parents of Elementary/Middle School Students
  1. Have your child practice reading and following directions
  2. Remind your child that spelling always matters
  3. Have your child explain what is being asked she has read directions to make sure she truly understands the questions or problems
  4. Remind your child to show his/her work
  5. Remind your child to make sure she has answered all parts of the questions
  6. Expand your child's vocabulary by using at least one new word a day
  7. Reinforce skills at home through family activities

Tips for Parents of Middle/High School Students

  1. Ask students to answer questions that require them to use interpretation and analysis
  2. Have students work more independently on assignments
  3. Encourage students to take pride in their work, whether it counts or not
  4. Remind students that spelling and grammar should be accurate in all subjects
  5. Help students learn to figure out how several ideas fit together
  6. Emphasize the seriousness of plagiarism or copying
  7. Expect more from your child than just enough to get by
  8. Emphasize staying focused and on- task
  9. Provide opportunities for students to "get the big picture from separate events/facts
  10. Discuss how to graph data and how to interpret graphs already created in such places as newspapers and magazines
  11. Help your child practice reading, comprehending and answering questions with more than a one-part response
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Y2K Help on the Web

The Internet offers a lot of resources to those looking for Y2K solutions.  If you need information on as specific brand of computer or piece of software, try searching the company's corporate Web site.  Many now have Y2K advice and software patches posted online.  The following Web sites offer more comprehensive Y2K information:

  1.  (California Dept. of Edu. -- great planning checklist & other links)
  2. (Gov. database of software products)
  3. (variety of just about everything)
  4. (dito)
  5. (This vendor for PC testing and fix-it programs also maintains a list of useful links)
  6.  (This online magazine has a year 2000 section with many relevant resources and news features.)

Protecting our Kids Online Internet Filtering Software Products:

The following web sties offer information on Gwinnett schools:

  • PTA, National Parent Teacher Association

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