Name: Rod Hames
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-xxxx
Grade and/or Subject Taught: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Business and Computer Science Subjects
Teaching Experience: Carrol Co. - Central High (Spr.1990) Grades 9, 10, and 12 Accounting, Keyboarding, BASIC programming; Gwinnett Co. - Trickum Middle (1991-97) Grades 6, 7, 8 Computer Science; Crews Middle (1997-Present) Grades 6, 7, 8 Computer Science; Gwinnett Tech. (1994-Present) Grades 3 through 8 elementary and middle computer summer camps; Computer adult contract training (Gwinnett Tech. and Lucent Technologies) 1997-98.
Degrees Earned and Institutions Attended: B.S. (1990); M.Ed. (1992); and Ed.S. (1998) in Business Education from the State University of West Georgia.
Briefly List Educational and Civic Services: Exploratory Dept. Chairman (1997-98), LSPI member (1995-97), CSI member (1997), County contact person for Middle School Computer Science Teachers (1995-97), Chosen to pilot the introduction of a new computer platform into the computer science program in Gwinnett (1995), served as principle writer of AKS for computer science (1996), served on the AKS revision committee for the computer science curriculum objectives (1997), Intramural sponsor (1992-present), Computer club sponsor (1991-present), Staff development instructor for local and county courses (1994-98), presenter at the Middle School Conference (Fall, 1993), Disciplinary Panel volunteer (1994), Creator and sponsor of the Crews lunch web pages (1997-98), Inductee of Phi kappa Phi Scholastic Honor Society (1992), Accepted into Georgia Tech’s GIFT (Georgia Industrial Fellowship for Teachers) Program- a teacher to work study program - my partnership was with Apple Computer Company (1993), Summer Olympics volunteer - served on the technology division - Morehouse College venue (1996), Deacon at Lilburn Alliance Church (1997-present), Missionary to Bowie, Maryland - Instructor and youth sponsor for Cresthill Baptist Church, Bowie, MD. (1990), President of student lead BSU (Bapt. Student Union) - State University of West Ga. (1990).
Special Projects in which you have involved your class: 8th grade - Students create, develop, and maintain a simulated business using a variety of computer tools. Their simulation includes: writing letters, e-mails, and memos; designing company checks, gift certificates, coupons, letterhead, business cards, and brochures. Students also use the Internet to run simulated businesses and make decisions that will effect profit margins. Their project ends by creating an 8 page company web site. 7th Grade - students are involved in a Leadership Unit where they are creators of a local newspaper, run for elected office, and then head a top programming company. Students produce a mock newspaper, create a campaign web site, and design a new web-interactive board game. 6th Grade - students create an 8 page autobiographical web site using a variety of desktop publishing and Internet skills. Involve students (6th - 8th grade) in the publication of an electronic magazine just for kids called the E-lluminator. These students also maintain and develop a variety of materials for the student section of the Crews web site like “Speak Out” and “Crews Sports.”
Original and/or Innovative Instructional Methods You Have Devised: Use e-mail to attach and turn in specific assignments. Post all assignments, handouts, and student grades on the Computer Science (CS) web site. Created a storehouse of web resources so students don’t have to surf the web. Started the first Crews listserv for students. Personally created and published computer articles on the Internet for students to read and answer questions. Syllabus, and AKS are published on the CS web site. Training and tutorials for keyboarding techniques were put on the CS web site. Grades and missingassignments are updated on the web every 2 weeks for students and parents to review. I have published over 150 student generated projects on the CS web site over the past 2 years.
Briefly State Your Philosophy of Teaching: I believe teaching can be broken down into 4 basic parts: Educating, Encouraging, Modeling, and Managing. No one area is more important than the other and without one the others loose strength. However, to be good at all of them takes true talent, a sincere commitment to your discipline but foremost love for all students. How does the Bible say it? You can have all knowledge and the faith to move mountains but if you don’t have love you are nothing - a "resounding gong” (paraphrased I Corinthians 13:2). Kids need to know you care. They also need strong leadership today. They need good role models, excellent time managers and teachers who are current in their fields. They don’t need fancy teaching approaches or apathetic, sarcastic educators. Both teachers and students face difficulties never before imagined but not unsurmountable. Teachers must hold students to high expectations while leading them along a successful path. I strive to teach, protect, encourage, motivate, but most importantly to love and respect every person who walks into my classroom each and every day.

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