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2012-13 Second nine weeks Business Websites

8a Website Submissions

8b Websites Submissions

Sierra 8A http://butterflytees.weebly.com/ 
Keval 8A http://medictechnology.weebly.com/ 
Mari 8A http://mariscctreats.weebly.com/ 
Desmond 8A http://lightsdinner.weebly.com/ 
Guillermo 8A http://lunasports.weebly.com/ 
Qahir 8A http://itechtronics.weebly.com/ 
Samuel 8A http://gamingthefuture.weebly.com/ 
cameron 8A http://lacrossemods.weebly.com/ 
Aya 8A http://perfectpoemsjusforyou.weebly.com/ 
Sidney 8A http://balletandshowsupplies.weebly.com/ 
Admin 8A http://skinnyboyvideogames.weebly.com/ 
Jhana 8A http://heavenslove.weebly.com 
Bailey 8A http://darlingdancesupplies.weebly.com/ 
Tasmi 8A http://tasmiscutestuff.weebly.com/ 
Dennis 8A http://kingbucks.weebly.com/ 
Emily 8A http://wafflehut.weebly.com/ 
Trae 8A http://hotshoesallday.weebly.com/ 
Nehemiah 8A http://njscustommade.weebly.com/ 
Qahir 8A http://itechtronics.weebly.com/ 
Vanessa 8A http://918287825788438257.weebly.com/ 
Jhana 8A http://heavenslove.weebly.com 
Ramez 8A http://modzz4you.weebly.com/ 
Jhana 8a http://heavenslove.weebly.com
Qahir 8a http://itechtronics.weebly.com/


Michael 8B http://painterswithadream.weebly.com/ 
Hailey 8B http://haileyscleats.weebly.com/ 
Brendan 8B http://emperorfootball.weebly.com/ 
Nick 8B http://nicksguitars.weebly.com/ 
Daniel 8B http://hansmusicandfoods.weebly.com/ 
Dawson 8B http://trumpetcustomizer.weebly.com/ 
Abby 8B http://clementinesproducts.weebly.com/ 
Katherine 8B http://wedancecentral.weebly.com/ 
Tori 8B http://sneakydeak.weebly.com/ 
Andra 8B http://mawesomelacrosse.weebly.com/ 
Hailey 8B http://haileyscleats.weebly.com/ 
Brendan 8B http://emperorfootball.weebly.com/ 
Abby 8B http://clementinesproducts.weebly.com/ 
Trevor 8B http://empirelacrosse.weebly.com/ 
Tori 8B http://sneakydeak.weebly.com/ 
Jnae 8B http://atlantaallstarscheerleading.weebly.com/ 



Weebly Capstone Projects 1st nine weeks 2012-13  

8a Websites

8b Websites

  Spotlight Site:



Tonia http://obedekahsswaggover.weebly.com/ 
Adrian http://vurtualworld.weebly.com/ 
Madison http://gigicupcakes.weebly.com/ 
Davis http://titansportsbaseball.weebly.com/ 
Ali http://lilredssterhh.weebly.com/ 
Sterling http://lilredssterhh.weebly.com/ 
Brionna http://uniquetreatsbakery.weebly.com
Ashley http://miscellaneousmysteries.weebly.com/ 
justin http://laxfactory.weebly.com 
Kaila http://gotsecurit9696com.weebly.com 
will http://williscolacrosseshop.weebly.com 
Saif http://saifsbaseballstars.weebly.com 
noah http://headcompany.weebly.com 
Chiamaka http://fashionsense1.weebly.com 
Denis http://teamofeli.weebly.com 
Katie http://katieskandy.weebly.com 
Natalie www.wishuponmysong.weebly.com 
Brandon http://carcrazycardesigns.weebly.com 
Ryan http://balltech.weebly.com 

2011 - 12  3rd 9wks Student Websites Business Launches

Product Site *(8a - 8b)



2010 - 11  1st 9wks Student 8a Websites Businesses
3rd 9wks
Product sites:  
1st 9wks
2009 - 10  4th 9wks Student Business Flash Sites (top 10 sites) (Judges' Rubric)
2009 - 10  4th 9wks Student 8a Websites


2009 - 10  4th 9wks Student PRODUCT LAUNCH Websites
2009 - 10  3rd 9wks Student Business Flash Web Sites (top 10 sites) (Judges' Rubric)
Congratulations to Marissa D. and her "Photograph Studio" website rated as the best site for her class.
  1. photography_studio
  2. AhmadCars
  3. Guitarguy

Round 2 top 10 website (alphabetically listed)

  1. AhmadCars
  2. airsoft_land
  3. ComputersoftheFuture
  4. Guitarguy
  5. hollows_eve
  6. Innovation
  7. manga_heaven
  8. mixfixer
  9. photography_studio
  10. sanahbucks
2009 - 10  3rd 9wks Student PRODUCT LAUNCH Websites


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