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1.  How to take a PowerPoint Slide to Flash

Business Education Resources
Business Ed./Computer Sci. School Web Sites
Site: Agenda for "Create Your Own Web Site" InserviceContent Rating: üüüüü
A Saturday inservice done for our middle school computer science teachers.  A variety of links and resources for starting your own web site for your curriculum or your school.
Site:School Web Sites Content Rating: üüüüü
Great school web sites devoted to business and computer subjects.  This list was compiled and edited by me.  Please send me your link to add you to our list.
Keyboarding Sites
Site:Crews MS - Keyboarding Site  Content Rating: üüüü
Great site for keyboarding.  Lots of good information and links for the average user.
Site: All The Right Type: Article Content Rating: üüüü
Keyboarding has become a new 'basic skill' because now computers are involved in every part of daily life.   Keyboarding is vital to facilitate the writing process.  Purchasing info: Click HERE
Publications (E-zines)
Site: On-line Technology Magazines Related Links Content Rating: üüüü
A well organized list of on-line magazines.  List organized by Rod Hames
Computer Science and Internet Links
Site:  Web Related Links  Content Rating: üüüü
A well organized list of Computer Science and web related links.
Site:  Web Teacher - Wonderful Interactive Web Tutorial  Content Rating: üüüü
Welcome to webTeacher, a self-paced Internet Tutorial that puts both basic and in-depth information about the World Wide Web at your fingertips - just a mouse click away! .

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