Here is a partial listing of school business and computer web sites that I have found and you have submitted to me.  Please let me know if I am missing any.
Author: Tonya Skinner  Subject: Business Education
  • Extremely nice site with very good navigation system.  You will find a wide range of subjects with content and links that will surely be most helpful.  From accounting the keyboarding you will find many links.  This was the first Business Education site I ever vistied on the web.  Nice Job! 
Author:   Keri Beth Jones Subject: Business Education 
  • You will be pleasantly surprised by visiting this site.  It shows of the hard work done by the author.  My ideas for this page came from this web site.  You will find lesson plans, great links and a simple but well thought out home page.  Be sure to see her many live binder lessons. 
Author:    Subject: Business Education
  • The author has give its readers a nice list of business related sites.  Every link has a brief review of its content.  Many are rated with an icon. 
Author:  .  Subject: Business Education
  • This site really is a must see to appreciate.  Dr. Johnson was my college professor and is still my mentor.  The site you are visiting would not have been possible without the help of him.  I owe Dr. Johnson a great gratitude for his assistance.  This business education site is one of the only college business education sites and it should be a model. 

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