Welcome to the Business Edu. / Computer Sci. Webring!
What is it?
A Webring is a "ring" or linking of related Web sites to one another.  The idea is to link together related Web sites (in this case, Bus. Edu. and Computer Sci.) in order to make navigation and searching easier for people looking for these types of sites.  This should greatly increase traffic to your page.

Interested in joining?
This service is free and very easy to setup.  If you have a Web site and would like to be included on this Webring then please continue reading.

What are the rules?
1.  Your site must contain Business Education or Computer Science content from an educational or non-profit institution.

What is the process?
Before your site is accepted into the Webring, it is reviewed for content.  If approved, you will then be emailed the html code to put on your site.  You may also choose not to have the code.  This choice is left up to you.
If you would now like to join this ring, Click Here and give me a brief description of you site.

HTML for Member's Web Pages
Note:  copy and paste this to the bottom of your home page then change the info in red

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