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The Futures Channel and Career Cruising Project

Directions:  Select 3 of the following videos to watch and write up a short description of a job you found interesting in each video.  You must use CareerCruising website seen below.  I will supply you in class with the password.  Your short essay should include the following:  The 1. Job Description 2. Working Conditions 3. Earnings and 4. Education.  You MUST put it in your own words... DO NOT copy and paste (this is stealing)!

Video of the Day


bulletComputers The Futures Channel bullet New
bullet Dell
bullet Recycling Computers*
bullet What is Digital?
bullet Robotics
bulletSports bulletTesting Bats bulletThe Ball Park bullet40 Years from Now  bulletSports Photography bulletPopcorn Hotdogs PeanutsCareerCruising bullet Dancing bulletAutomobiles/Planes/Skateboards/Bikes/Dolls/Trains bullet Designing a Car bullet Solar Powered Cars bullet Engineering Faster Bikes bulletToy Cars bulletSkateboard Designer bulletBike Designer bulletDesigning a Doll bulletFlying bulletTrains  bullet motorcycle_marketing bulletNY Subway   bullet Roller Coasters bulletMusic/Arts bullet Building Guitars bulletMusic for Movies bulletPercussion Instruments bulletRhythm Track bullet Art Director bullet Flowers by the Millions bulletMisc:  bulletPrinting Money  bullet The First American Coins bullet Solar Technology bullet Farming bullet Ice Cream bullet bullet bullet Designing Back Packs bullet the_bakery  bullet predicting_weather bullet ice_cream bulletFood in Space bullet Underwater Treasure bullet music_for_movies bullet reliable_robots bullet water_supply bulletBuilding Models for Movies bulletMovie Posters   bullet Landscape_Architects - Chicago Botanical Gardens bullet Tornado Chase         bulletAnimals bullet horse_doctor bullet Teaching Zoo bullet horses_in_movies bullet Wild Life Refuge Biologist bullet Saving the Bald Eagle

  bulletScience and Technology: bullet hydroponics bullet New Space Vehicle ARES bullet Flying_on_Mars bullet bose bullet cheetahs bullet Bats bullet Growing Bugs bullet mission_to_mars bullet The Star Shade bullet Making Sparks  

Entrepreneur Assessment

Brain POP Project

Select 3 of the following 10 videos and take the quiz that follows.  Print each out and turn them in for a grade.  I will supply you with the password in class.

  1. Computer Viruses

  2. MP3

  3. The Internet

  4. Computer History

  5. The Computer

  6. E-mail and IM

  7. Blogs

  8. Binary

  9. Printers

  10. The Mouse          



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