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Background:  The community you live in does not have a good leader.  You are asked to run for a public office.  That office can be any office you choose:  Mayor, Governor, President of the City Council, etc.  You now must create a flyer/web site for your campaign.  Best Wishes!
Open Microsoft Publisher and go to Page Setup and click special size, now change the size to 6 in width and 5 inch height.  Then go to Arrange Layout guides and change the margins to Top: 0 in., Bottom: 0 in., Left: 0 in., Right: 0 in.  Next go to Insert and insert 7 pages.

1. All pages must have at least one graphic.

2. Information for page1: 3. Information for page2 and 3: 4. Information for page4: 5. Spell Check your document:
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