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Home » Programming LOGO MicroWorlds Assignments for 7th Grade Middle School Business Education & Computer Science Education

Programming LOGO MicroWorlds Assignments for 7th Grade Middle School Business Education & Computer Science Education

MicroWorlds… A Programming Language

Why Use LOGO?

Read why so many people are using Logo.  Hear what professionals are saying.

  • information about the Logo language
  • ideas about Logo’s place in the school and home
  • models for effective teaching of Logo
  • comparisons of Logo and other languages
  • resources for learning more about Logo

Links associated with the LOGO language

  • My Suggested Sites Page … Page list of LOGO sites around the world.
  • Logo Foundation Links
  • Kids and Computers
  • Kids Can Program
  • My Hopopoly Game… The first game I ever created.

MicroWorld is a computer language designed to engage students in problem solving situations. The real power of teaching LOGO is that it is totally student centered learning.

The logical and problem solving skills learned are of great importance in all subject fields. Students at this age are just beginning to mold their analytical and abstract thinking skills. LOGO has been designed for the middle school learner and therefore many students excel when challenged by programming in LOGO. To learn more about LOGO see LCSI’s home page.

Materials List

The following is a list of materials I have used in the past.  See the links at the top or bottom for the games (assignments) my classes now use.

The MicroWorld’s Notes…

  • These notes are the notes that we will use during the course of learning to program in LOGO. You will be expected to have in your notebook a hand written copy of all the LOGO commands we cover in class.

MicroWorld’s screen shots…

  • Here are several screen shots of the MicroWorld command screen and tools.

Getting ideas for your MicroWorld’s project…

  • This is a list of possible ideas for choosing a topic for your MicroWorld’s project. If you have an ideas not listed on this page please see me before starting. I have final say on what topic you choose.

MicroWorld’s project requirements…

  • The MicroWorld’s project is a very important assignment. It is your last assignment for the year in my class. Please read the requirements very carefully and see me if you have any questions.

Internet Publishing…

  • Each student is required to write a brief description about what they are publishing. On this page is a list of things that might be included in the description.