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Atlanta Motorsports Park

We visit the birthplace of NASCAR, along with a brand new country club for car lovers. That’s right. Instead of a golf course, they have a racetrack! In addition to taking a look back at the area’s rich NASCAR history, Teachable Moments include a detailed look at Newton’s Second Law of Motion, and an explanation of sound basics, including how sound waves dissipate over distance.

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

Probably the most recognized health institution in the world is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, located in Atlanta. It’s also one of Georgia’s biggest employers! Along with Teachable Moments about the CDC’s history, definitions and descriptions of Epidemiology, Mutation, and Antibiotic Resistance, we also learn that you don’t have to have a doctorate in biology to work at the CDC.

Federal Reserve Bank Of Atlanta

A visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta proves to us, and hopefully our audience, that a simple interest in math and technology can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities. While we take a fun and loose approach to this institution, Teachable Moments are truly insightful. They include a description of what the Federal Reserve is and does, a discussion of the gold standard, exactly what gives money its value, and more.

Georgia Aquarium

We take a trip beyond the sea…in downtown Atlanta, with a visit to the Georgia Aquarium. We meet everyone from scuba divers to media specialists and a few of the people who maintain this incredible environment—it takes 600 employees and 2,000 volunteers! And the good news is that you don’t have to work at the Georgia Aquarium to swim here. Anybody can dive in, as you’ll learn in this episode.

KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia

Fast Forward travels to the West side of the state to clear up some misconceptions about modern factories. We visit KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia in West Point. This state of the art facility…

EQ: What job at the Atl. Motorsports Park would you most like and why? EQ: What job at the CDC would you most like and tell why? EQ: Explain one thing you learned from this video or tell 3 different presidents on our currency. EQ: What talent or interest do you have that could be used at the Ga. Aquarium and why? EQ: Explain three reasons that make this Kia factory state of the art?
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Georgia Bureau Of Investigation

To help find the best STEM-related jobs in Georgia, we get a little help from Georgia’s top investigative unit—the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. We take an old-school detective approach, and discover Teachable Moments on DNA and Latent Prints. And we even learn what it takes to turn a former cheerleader into a crime scene investigator. Case closed!

Jittery Joe’s

Jittery Joe’s is a rapidly growing coffee chain based in Athens. And we get to explore their world with a peek into the fast-growing field of food science. We interview Roaster Master Charlie…

Fox Theatre

What makes the fabulous Fox Theatre so fabulous? Great question! And that’s just what we ask the folks who work at the Fox. They answer by giving us an exclusive backstage tour, as well as an on-stage tour, and even an under-the-stage tour. And we tell the “theatrical” story as you’d expect—in 3 acts. By the way, it turns out that part of what makes the Fox so fabulous is their air-conditioning system and their LED lights, both of which we cover in our Teachable Moments.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

There’s a lot to know about Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Sure it’s the busiest airport in the world. And yes, it’s within a 2-hour flight of 80% of the U.S. population. But perhaps the most important characteristic of this “airport city” is that it’s the biggest employer in the state with 58,000 jobs!

Turner/Adult Swim

Some of television’s most popular networks make their home in midtown Atlanta, so Fast Forward goes behind the scenes to find out what makes these networks…work. We learn about the creative…

EQ: What is a cool job at the GBI that you would like to try and why? EQ: Explain what math or science you need to know to own a coffee business. EQ: Explain the LED lighting or air-conditioning system at the FOX. EQ: Explain what job you would like to do at the airport? EQ: Explain what part of technology do you like best based on this video?
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The Coca-Cola Company

If you’ve got an idea for the next great flavor of Coca-Cola, but don’t know what to do with it, we’ve got you covered. We visit the world headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company in downtown Atlanta…

Six Flags Over Georgia

There’s a man working at Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell, who claims to have the best job in North America. Who could pass up an opportunity to find out why? Not us! And it turns out there are a…

North Georgia Canopy Tours

Who says physics can’t be fun? They can be very entertaining when you use them to go zip lining. And that’s what we do at North Georgia Canopy Tours in Lula. Of course we go zip lining with a…

King of Pops

The “secret” to what makes King of Pops’ Pops so delicious isn’t actually a secret at all, as you’ll see in this episode. But do note that the folks at this Atlanta-based company put a lot of love…

Meddin Studios

It’s true that Georgia is about 2,000 miles from Hollywood, but the film and television industries are much closer. In fact they’re right here in Georgia. We talk with the people at Meddin Studios…

EQ: Explain one thing you learned from this video. EQ: What new science term did they talk about or what’s an interesting fact you learned? EQ: What is something new you learned from this video? EQ: What is something new you learned from this video? EQ: What is something new you learned from this video?
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Raleigh Studios

There are big things coming out of the little town of Senoia, Georgia—like the most popular TV show in the history of cable, for example. That’s right, it’s shot at Raleigh Studios, about an hour’…

Rolling Thunder River Company

We go to McCaysville to meet a group a people who claim their jobs are “better than your vacation.” They’re river guides at Rolling Thunder River Company, a white water rafting company where the…

The Weather Channel

Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it. Well Fast Forward does! We interview multiple on-air and off-air Weather Channel employees, showing a variety of…

Gulfstream Aerospace

We’re given a VIP tour of select parts of Gulfstream Aerospace’s extremely impressive facilities, where we interview a wide range of employees. The focus begins on engineering, but we quickly…

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

All animals should have it as good as the patients at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, where the staff is doing some richly rewarding work! The highlight of our visit is an up-close look at a…

EQ: What is something new you learned from this video? EQ: What is something new you learned from this video? EQ: What is something new you learned from this video? EQ: Explain “mach” or “bernoulli’s principle”? EQ: What is an ecosystem?
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Callaway Gardens

We travel to Pine Mountain to spin Fast Forward’s “Wheel of Information,” getting all the news on Callaway Gardens and how it came to be. Thanks to the experts, including the Manager of the Day Butterfly Center, we get a peek into the fields of Zoology and Entomology, and learn more about butterflies than we ever thought we’d would. Please take our word for it. Some of it is Frass-related. We warned you!

Career Fair

This is “technically” where the Fast Forward series begins–at a career fair in Dalton. Starting with an overview of Georgia based STEM careers and companies, we include a look at Shaw Industries and their work with green technologies. Teachable Moments include an explanation of how to find the energy required to convert solids into liquids and gases. This involves a discussion of the different states of matter, the definitions of “Specific Heat Capacity,” “Heat of Fusion,” and “Heat of Vaporization,” and more.

Cogdell Berry Farm

Here in Georgia, blueberries are starting to give the peach more than a little competition. We visit the folks at Cogdell Berry Farm and start things off by listing the best ways to eat blueberries. And we finish with a few surprises. For example, Cogdell Berry Farm uses laser beams to help sort their blueberries. And this is the type of technology that’s made Georgia one of the most productive blueberry states in the country! We’re only sorry you can’t taste this video. These blueberries are delicious!

Coliseum Health System

Anyone watching the news knows healthcare is an ever-growing industry. So we head down to Macon to visit one of the area’s largest employers: Coliseum Health System, where we learn that you don’t have to be a doctor to be one of their 1,300+ employees! In fact, sometimes a high school education and a certificate or two are all you need to find a great job. On a different “note,” we have a sing-along, hear an extremely moving story, and enjoy one of our weirdest Teachable Moments ever!


We pay a visit to CSX’s REDI Center in midtown Atlanta to talk with the fine folks of CXS about the 3,000 employees they have scattered about the state. REDI is the acronym for Railroad Education and Development Institute. That’s where most of their employees come to learn what it takes to work on the railroad, which also makes it a great place for us to learn more about CSX jobs.

EQ: What is one science concept was talked about in the video or name one fact you remember from the video. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job.
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Georgia Mountain Research And Education Center

The University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences offers us a tour of their Georgia Mountain Research Center, where we interview Dr. Wayne Hanna, one of the foremost turf growers in the world! He’s grown grass for sports complexes as far away as the World Cup Soccer Tournament in South Africa, and as close to home as UGA’s own athletic fields. Teachable Moments center around agriculture, including Photosynthesis, the Nitrogen Cycle, the definition of Hypothesis, and more.

Georgia Olive Farms

It’s a little known fact that Georgia farms grew olives back in the 1800’s. But it’s becoming a much better known fact that this crop is making a comeback. Thanks to people like State Representative and farmer Jason Shaw, we learn why our state’s climate is so hospitable to the olive, creating a whole new industry. And while we’re visiting the southern side of the state, we take a ride on the Georgia Grown Trail to learn a little about agritourism.

Georgia Ports Authority

A trip to any mall will give you a look at thousands of items that weren’t created down the street. Many of them were imported from distant lands. And the Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah…the 4th largest port in the country…is the point of entry for, quite literally, tons of them. The Georgia Ports Authority has a job for just about any interest. They’re governed by logistics and driven by technology—technology that you might be able to learn by…playing video games? You’ll want to see this.

Georgia Regents University

We’re in Augusta to learn about careers in the medical field with a visit to Georgia Regents University! We’re inspired by a doctor specializing in wilderness medicine, who was actually the first person in his family to go to college. But if those years of medical school sound daunting to you, we also learn about being an athletic trainer, the field of nuclear medicine technology, and the artistic career of medical illustration.

Skidaway Island State Park

Despite what you see in cartoons, not all Park Rangers say “Hey, Boo Boo!” Luckily, one of ours does. You’ll want to meet her, along with the other rangers who help maintain this beautiful state…

EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job.
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We take our search for Georgia STEM careers to Carrollton, with a visit to Southwire, the largest manufacturer of wire and cable in North America. Here we cover the types of careers available at…

White Oak Pastures

Deep in the southwest corner of the state, maybe where you’d least expect it, you’ll find Georgia’s biggest certified organic farm. White Oak Pastures is a fifth generation family-owned farm…

EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job. EQ:  What “job truth” in this video can be applied to any job.      
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