Learn Programming using LOGO and MicroWorlds Computer Language

So how much do you know about MicroWorlds - Play the 1,000,000 game now. $ PLAY NOW!

First Project for MicroWorlds using LOGO programming langauge
What is MicroWorlds and how can I quickly learn some basic features? click here

MicroWorlds Ex Online Test

Click HERE! Click HERE!
Create your own "I-Spy" type game.  This game will entertain kids of all ages. Design and make the web version of this popular game.  You'll play this time and time again.
Click HERE! Click HERE!
Challenge your friends and yourself with this 3 in 1 mega pac game set.  It includes:  Jeopardy, Chance, and a Jigsaw puzzle.  You won't find this in any stores. Just in time for Christmas,  create this board game and name it after yourself.  The sky is the limit.  Get ready for fun and excitement.

Apple Store  watch out.  Here you will find the directions
to this exciting new game.  You will certainly enjoy making this App.

Video Tutorials

Day1: Introduction to LOGO (MicroWorlds) - Creating Apps

  1. Video 1... Create 10 pgs w/ trans.
  2. Video 2... Hatch + Animate 1 or more turtles
  3. Video 3... Use ClipArt to edit and change turtle


  1. Video 4... Animate using multi-shape
  2. Video 5... Draw and animate stick fiture


  1. Video 6... Use paint tools to draw a bg
  2. Video 7... Create Wallpaper using Paint Tools


  1. Video 8... Making, Moving, + Resizing Text Boxes
  2. Video 9... Changing Fonts, Style, Size, Color of Textboxes
  3. Video 10... Transparent, hide, freeze, + use of F2 key

Unit 1 Quiz

First take the online quiz and then take the MW Part.  Online Quiz=50% and Video=50%

  1. Part I Online Quiz- Quia
  2. Part II MicroWorlds - Video


Other Apps we create in class: (PDF)
Lesson Sequence:
  1. I-Spy APP
  2. Matching APP - Quia Matching Quiz
  3. Concentration APP
  4. Trouble APP
  5. Learn some important Commands Handout
  6. Cartesian Grid House Assignment (Storybook Room APP)
  7. Quiz: MW Programming Quiz1
  8. Othello
  9. Connect4
  10. Etch-a-Sketch
  11. Spirograph
Scratch Resources:
  1. Video Tutorials Part I
  2. Video Tutorials Part II
  3. Independent School Teacher Video Help Part III
  4. MIT - Scratch Reference Guide 14 PDF file
  5. MIT - Connect the Code Activities
  6. Crews Tutorial Page

 Logo Slides

  1. Procedures
  2. Pixar
  1. Etch-A-Sketch
  2. Spirograph
    1. Step I - Draw
    2. Step II - Gallery
    3. Step III - Enrichment
  3. Matching

Example Kid Programmers

Watch Thomas Explain how he made it as a programmer

Robert Nay, Bubble Ball APP Designer


MicroWorlds... A Programming Language
MicroWorld is a computer language designed to engage students in problem solving situations. The real power of teaching LOGO is that it is totally student centered learning.

The logical and problem solving skills learned are of great importance in all subject fields. Students at this age are just beginning to mold their analytical and abstract thinking skills. LOGO has been designed for the middle school learner and therefore many students excel when challenged by programming in LOGO. To learn more about LOGO see LCSI's home page.

Materials List

The following is a list of materials I have used in the past.  See the links at the top or bottom for the games (assignments) my classes now use.
The MicroWorld's Notes... MicroWorld's screen shots... Getting ideas for your MicroWorld's project... MicroWorld's project requirements... Internet Publishing...

Student Created LOGO Games... Don't forget to visit this site.
See Games my classes have created.  Also see and play the real life Jeopardy game online:

Links for the game assignments:
  The project page for MicroWorlds - Introduction.
  The project page for MicroWorlds - I-Spy.
  The project page for MicroWorlds - Spirograph.
  The project page for MicroWorlds - Jeopardy.
  The project page for MicroWorlds - Double Jeopardy.
  The project page for MicroWorlds - Jigsaw Puzzle.
  The project page for MicroWorlds - Board Game.
  A list of projects for MicroWorlds - Suggested sites.


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