Building a Campaign Website

Online Tutorials:

Website Shell:

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
  4. Newspaper (2:55 sec.)
  5. Survey


  1. How do I HyperSnap?
    (4:18 sec.)
  2. Adding SimpleAnimation (4:20 sec.)
  3. Adding Adv.Animation (4:59 sec.)
  4. Adding Sound (4:02 sec.)
  5. Adding to FrontPage (2:31 sec.)

Don't forget to add the Newspaper

*Optional Pages

  1. Donations


  1. Creating a Title
  2. Inserting Sound
  3. Transferring Flash to FrontPage
  1. Add Newspaper
  2. Hypersnap and Hyperlink Sponsors



  1. Campaign Home Page Instructions

  2. Motion Tween

  3. Shape Tween

Finished... Now what?

  1. Posting on the Web
  2. Friday at the Movies...

Video Commercial Examples:

  1. Jimmy





EQ:  How do I build a professional website to help run for Student Council Presidency?

  1. Open Publisher and select "Blank Print Publication"

  2. Go to File + Page Setup and select Custom : Width: 6 in. Height: 5 in.

  3. Next go to Arrange Layout Guides and change all margins to 0 inches.

  4. You will need 3 pages, so go to Insert + Page and type 2.

  5. Go to page 1 and start the first of your 3 pages

    1. Home Page

      • Your name - (WordArt)

      • Slogan

      • Graphic (can be your photo) - Photofunia

      • What you are running for and date of the election

    2. Issue1

      • Example Topic Title: "No More Bookbags" - (WordArt)

      • Problem Paragraph - (2-5 sentences)

      • Solution Paragraph - (2-5 sentences)

      • Graphic - (1 or 2)

      • DropCap first letter (For one or both paragraphs)

      • Justify Paragraph

      • Border (use borderart)

    3. Issue2

      • Topic Title2: "Better Lunches" - (WordArt)

      • Problem Paragraph - (2-5 sentences)

      • Solution Paragraph - (2-5 sentences)

      • Graphic - (1 or 2)

      • DropCap first letter (For one or both paragraphs)

      • Justify Paragraph

    4. Sponsor Page (optional **BONUS)

      • Title: "Thanks to our Sponsors" or just "Sponsors" - (WordArt)

      • 3-4 sponsor graphics with added slogan, web address, or company name with unique comparable font selection with color matching of logo.

      • footnote: - (simple text box)

        Thanks to the following sponsor who have pledged their support for my campaign.


    5. FAQ Page (optional **BONUS)

      • Title: "Frequently Asked Questions" Done in WordArt

      • Introduction


        • 1 or 2 sentence introduction... like :
          Thanks for taking the time to visit my web site.  It is critical that you hear what I have to say. 
          Therefore, I am going to answer some of the most essential questions I have been asked for the past several weeks.

        • Write a question (change the font, color, size etc... )

        • Then write your answer (Again change the font, color, and size etc...)

        • You will need a minimum of 3 questions/answers (use the format painter to be consistent with the look of your questions and answers.

        • Include one graphic


Here are some optional pages

  1. On the 6th page: Conduct a Survey

    • Include the following:  A nice title done in WordArt.
      What Do You Think?, Speak Out, Express Yourself, Speak Your Mind, Tell it Like it is!, etc...

    • Now, inside the doted box, type a 1 or 2 sentence introduction... like :
      As you probably know, I can not be your president without your vote.  So...

    • Under your introduction, ask the following Questions:

      • If the election were held today, who would you vote for?  List 4 candidate's names (add an Radio Button in front of each person's name)

      • What made you vote this way? (add a Scrolling Text box)

      • What are the most important issues to you?  List 6 different issues for them to chose from (use check boxes)

      Make a section for Demographics (write the following **optional):

      • What grade are you in? (Drop-Down box)

      • What is your gender (Drop-Down box)

      • What is your favorite ... you choose a topic ((Drop-Down box)

      • What is your favorite ... you choose a topic ((Drop-Down box)

      • Are there any other comments they would like you to know? (Scrolling Text box)

      Finally thank them for taking the time to be apart of the survey and remind them to vote.



Check out the following local companies and their home page for ideas:

Bus of the Future

Future of Technology 2019

Future Videos




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