End of the School Year Activities

What can we learn from these men?  Find out by watching their biography online.


Okay... if you are up for it, visit this mall and don't get taken.  The merchants are very serious about their customers.  Specifically, Visit, Candytooth Kingdom, Shuman's Shoes, and Pizza, Pizza, or Pizza.

Okay, one of the hardest lemonade games I have ever played.  Let me know if you make any money in a week!


Computer Hacker/Ethics


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Take a break from selling lemonade and get to yearning badges.  Yes, learn all the cool things about running a business while playing this cool game.

Take 2: Lemonade Game for the rest of us.

Disney had done it again.  This time they teach us about business!

Hi Score: Grant Hill $584.90  Dec. 9, 2009

Lets brew some coffee and make some money!

High Score:  $549.60 by Jon Austin on Oct.2009

Pizza anyone?  Take home a prize and beat the top score.  See me if you think you beat the top score.

Play the "Get Real" or the "Lemonade Stand" game and win a cool prize.



Paint Gun BuzOwner/Pricing


Social Networking: Bld.Bus Online


Career Videos

Careers in a Band

Careers in Baseball/Sports


Select a career



Getting Credit

Stealing Opportunities/Ethics


Cyber Crime: Identity Theft

Phishing/Internet Scam


BBB: Avoid being Scammed!



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