So you want to learn programming in Flash?


Here are the series of lessons we are covering to learn flashQuiz page


Flash Video - Tutorial Set
Flash01-Basic Animation No background |local| This video explains how to do basic animation with only 1 layer. It is the best place to start learning about Flash Animation.
Flash02- Adding a background Layer |local| webpage 1 This 5 minute video explain how to have a background and then adding a new layer added to animate a title.
Flash03- Stop Action |local| This 1 minute video explain how to stop the "Loop" feature so the animation only animates once.
Flash04-Ghosting Effect |local| web page 2 This 5 minute video explains how to use the "Alpha" (Ghosting Effect) to add some cool animation to your text.
Flash05- Shape Tween |local| webpage 3 Turn I+Love+Puppies into something really special.  Cool effect!
Flash06- Transfer to Weebly |local| How do I put my Flash Animations into Weebly?  This short 3 minute video takes care of showing you how to do it.
Flash07- Flashlight/Mask Special Effect |local| webpage 4 Have a spot light crisscross your name.  It is a cool easy effect that is a great way to get the attention of your viewer.
Flash08- Handwriting Special Effect |local| webpage 5 Make the computer look like you are writing your name in cursive.
Flash09- Bouncing Ball Effect |local| webpage 6 Have an object bounce across your screen and use the Ease in and Ease out effect to make it look very realistic.  Remeber Ease it - fast Ease out - slow.
Flash10- Distributed Layers Effect |local| webpage 7 Bring a title to life and make each letter its own animation.  In this video you will quickly learn how to do a cool name effect.
Flash11-Guided Layer |local| webpage 8 *Bonus - Not easy but really cool if done right.


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Flash Quiz1 : Lesson 1 - 4 Flash Quiz2: Lessons 5 - 7 Flash Quiz3: Lessons 8 - 11 Flash Quiz4: Lessons 12 - 15

Flash Quiz1:  Intro to Drawing Tools Pgs. 1-6 Flash Quiz2: Adv. Drawing Tools Pgs. 7-10 Flash Quiz3: Intro. Animation Pgs. 11 - 15

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*Extra Credit: Watch one of the videos above and talk about what part of this company or person has made them a successful entrepreneur.




Classroom of the Future

New Way of Dinning


Health Care of the Future

Shopping in the Future


Manufacturing in the Future

Life in the Future


Transportation of the Future

Garbage/Recycling for the Future

Testing video

Animation vs Animator

Yike Bike - Future Transportation



Animation vs Animator

k_btn.onRelease = function () {
o_btn.onRelease = function () {
p_btn.onRelease = function () {
c_btn.onRelease = function () {
n_btn.onRelease = function () {

  Discussion Question:What is innovation?
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question: How important was Steve Jobs to Apple and why do you think this way?
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question: What has Callaway Golf done to improve their products and services for their company?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What is important to Russell Simmons and why is he successful?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What innovative culture has Google developed to help their employees be creative and productive in the area of innovation?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What distinguishes H&M from its competitors and is the key to their success?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What distinguishes Toyota from its competitors and is the key to their success?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:How does Lego listen to their customers and why has this been helpful?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What new technology will win out between these two choices and why do you think so?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What new technology did they utilize and was it a good idea?  Tell why you would or would not use it?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What can we learn from this architect's innovative approach?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What things have made Warren Buffet so successful as a business person?
Business Truth: _________


    Discussion Question:With traffic being so bad, what innovative ways are cities dealing with the problem and what issues are associated with these new innovations?
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question:What perks did they mention in this video and should it be required for all companies to offer?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:How did this coach motivate his players and what was the key to his success?
Business Truth: _________


Discussion Question:What features of the "Real Time Crime Center" make it valuable but also make it a threat to non criminals
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question:How is London dealing with urban security?  How is it good and bad?
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question:Are small clinics going to make a substantial difference with the health of our nation why or why not?
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question:For cities to grow creating renewable buildings that are self sustainable are important but what issues will make this hard to incorporate?
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question:Power is a problem for our earth, what ways will a smart grid aid the problem of world power?
Business Truth: _________
Discussion Question:Is the idea of robots going to improve healthcare system?
Business Truth: _________




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